Americanos! Blue Jeans and Chinos!

Whenever it comes to titling a blog post song titles are often the first thing I think of. It's probably because music is such a huge part of my life. I have always been an avid music listener. I was brought up in the 70's with parents who listened a lot to what I considered [...]

When I Look at the Clouds Across the Moon

  I have this really cheesy 80's song by The Rah Band stuck in my head. I rezzed this skybox home from cinphul and the name of it 'Pluto' just totally got me thinking about living away from home, thousands of miles from anyone you cared about or loved and  what would be important to [...]

The Collection HUD Packages – Revealed!

Exciting News from MadPea HQ this morning! The packages are revealed for the next grid-wide adventure! That Gold package is the bomb!


Collection posterKianaedit

We’re so excited to be revealing more information about the hud packages for the next MadPea Adventure – The Collection. We want everybody to be able to join the experience of The Collection and we hope you will agree that we have set up the hud prices and rewards to reflect that.

So, what’s included in each package?

BRONZE PEA –  This is the entry level pass, allowing access to the game, 12 locations and the standard game experience. This package comes with the hud and a backpack for helping to carry around all those clues and secrets!

SILVER PEA –  This is the mid level experience pass and contains everything included in the Bronze Pea Pass and 12 fantastic prizes from our participating vendors.

GOLD PEA – The pièce de résistance of Collection Passes comes stuffed to bursting point with goodies! In addition to everything above there is also…

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I Live for the Light of Truth

There are so many wonderful and beautiful things in life that are free...yet still come at a cost. Love and Honesty. These things can all be given freely but usually come at a cost too and no small amount of risk. I may see life through rose-tinted glasses...or even petals and leaves today...but I believe [...]

No One is Benching This Angel

It's hardly believable that it was just a week ago that the news of Lexi Zelin's illness was reaching our ears. It's even more remarkable how the community of SL has come together for The Lexi Project. 346 Creators and Designers producing items for sale at 100% donation to Lexi's Healthcare fund all organised and [...]

The Kindness of Strangers who become Someday Friends

The Kindness of Strangers who become Someday Friends

The post today is going to be a mix...covering fashion, sailing, exploration, community and friendship. I have experienced all of these at Someday. I found Someday by chance, while sailing, in the Blake Sea and instantly fell in love. The sim was actually in the process of being built at the time and I got [...]

The Lexi Project – Designer List

Just blows my mind how many creators are involved in this. Anyone who says “Second Life is a Game” read about Lexi, this event, and the team that have made this happen in just a few days. SL is not a game, it’s a virtual reality world where REAL people make a REAL difference.!

The Lexi Project

The following is our current list of participating store brands. The list is still under construction as more designers are still joining the event. Currently we are holding 350 stores and counting … Thank you all ♥

Suga Baby
Stargazer Creations
Smoking Lily Designs
[[ Masoom ]]
Indecent Exposure
Pretty Liar
Kelli Kreations
Les Encantades
: Pretty Kitty Design:
La Diva [Fashion For Woman]
[ Infliction ]
!Chop Shop!
Decora Doll.
Dark Passions
::Toxxic:: Pandora
Alien Gizmo´s
Bedazzle’s Designs
*~* RnB Furniture *~*
By Jove
Shady Ladies
Bourbon and String
ruca tease
Milk Tea
=**.::CR Designz::.**=
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::…
~Candy’s Designs~
Hawt spot clothing
::Purple Candy::
[MC]Merlin Creation
Luziefee Design
Delirium Style
CST Designs
Fa tru
loordes of london
Come Soon Poses

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“Illusion is the First of All Pleasures”

One of the things I love about my 'jobs' in Second Life is getting to explore and visit places in Second Life. Usually that's because I am scouting for photo spots but yesterday myself and the team at MadPea went on a Field Trip. We were looking for some new sims and decided to go [...]