Friday Feels so Much Better with Good News


As many of my regular readers will know I lost my real life job quite suddenly a few weeks back. I took some time to decide what I wanted to do and what kind of work life balance I wanted to achieve and this morning attended an interview…my first interview in over 6 years. The interview was very early in the morning and thankfully I am a morning person because the first hour consisted of numeracy and literacy tests and some tests designed to discover your logical thinking and mental processing of data.  I did all those tests on one cup of coffee and 5 hours sleep!

At the end of the tests it gave me a ‘level’ I had achieved. I was level 2…2!!! I was disappointed with level 2…I don’t want to be a level 2 I thought I want to be a level 1! Then I started to convince myself that this could be worse than I thought. What if this organisation rated 5-1! I could be second from bottom…suddenly I wanted to be a level 5. When I clicked on the next page it showed me my question by question score…98/100. In an instant I was ecstatic with delight at being a Level 2. I am guessing that Level 1 is for perfect people or there as a benchmark in case Stephen Hawking decides to apply for a job.

It did make me think though about the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect. Often we’re striving to be perfect by someone else’s standards and not giving enough thought and time to our own goals and desires while we let ourselves drift into a ‘I should be better’ fog not even of our own making.

Anyways, the good news is that I was contacted shortly after the interviews and offered the job so my level 2ness is obviously more than adequate for the role that I wanted.


It’s going to be a great weekend with lots of shopping events starting over the next few days…Shiny Shabby, The Fantasy Collective, Vintage and Cool Fair and Uber just around the corner too. Not forgetting of course that it’s Friday so there’s FLF to take part in today as well.

The house pictured above is from DaD Designs. It’s a new release for The Fantasy Collective and will be available at the event with 20% off from 22nd August – 15th September. The Woodstock Cottage is perfect for a number of uses and is exquisitely textured throughout. When I was deciding how to photograph this item it struck me that there are so many functions for this building and all the additional add-ons that come with it…quaint modern cottage, medieval, fantasy, elven…with a few cobwebs it could be the perfect haunted fantasy house too. At only 58Li too it’s not going to break any prim allowances and you can focus on decorating the interior as you see fit.




DaD Designs Woodstock Cottage – The Fantasy Collective 20% off from 22nd August

Mistique – Wildwood Lamps

[DDD] Library Bookpiles – various

[DDD] Alembic & Alchemy Table

[DDD] Wall Wine Rack – Labelled

[DDD] Hanging Candles

[DDD] Chic Wall Flower Decor

Cheeky Pea –  Southern Porch Rocking Chair


Ilyra’s Pride Antique Gameboard Set **NEW** at MadPea Art Gacha Festival

[DDD] Little Apothecary Station

unKindness Potions Sets – Various Gacha Commons

Ilyra’s One Lone Goat **NEW** at MadPea Art Gacha Festival

Ilyra’s A Place in the Country Decorative Table – RARE – **NEW** at MadPea Art Gacha Festival

unKindness – Magical Classroom Shelving



3 thoughts on “Friday Feels so Much Better with Good News

  1. All of the congratulations to you, Kess! What a wonderful way to start your weekend, with a new job and a fancy pants Level 2 badge of honor! 😀 So happy for you, and wishing you much success in your new line of work! ♥

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