Futures Made of Virtual Insanity


In a few short weeks time the world around us will turn tinseltastic. There’s already advertisements for ‘the holidays’ and I’m sure this year will be no different when it comes to the question of what we call the holiday season. Up until I was made redundant recently the company I worked for was a family owned business. It was well known that the family were Christians. They attended the same church as many of the employees and even had regular prayer meetings at the company offices on lunch breaks. Last year, when the subject of the Christmas party came up I was pretty shocked when they announced that it should be referred to as the ‘end of year party’ or ‘holiday’ party. Now, the company did have a huge mix of people working for it of varying faiths and backgrounds including Muslim, Mormon, Jewish, Jehovah’s witnesses, Quaker and even a Druid. After the meeting where the announcement was made I returned to my desk and the chap next to me, who was a Muslim, asked me ‘why are they doing that?’ He was extremely bothered by the fact that there was a perception that the name of the party should be changed so as to not offend anyone of any other denomination. He said ‘But, it’s your Christmas…it’s your celebration. I can make a choice to come to the party and enjoy celebrating with you or to not attend..but that’s my choice.’ I have to agree. I am a Christian…I will call it Christmas. If you are not a Christian and you want to call it the Holidays that is fine and you have every right to do so just as I have the right to refer to it as Christmas. I won’t be offended by those who want to call it the Holidays just as I hope people won’t be offended by the name I will choose to call it. What struck me most when talking to the people in the office is how the majority, of all faiths, thought that this is political correctness in overdrive and that most of it is based on assumptions rather than actually talking to and speaking to other people to find out what they really think about it. People assuming other people will take offence or get butthurt over a word without actually knowing that or asking. My Muslim co-worker came to the party…he wore a silly hat, pulled crackers, told jokes and danced to Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ on the club floor along with the rest of us. Best of all, on the return to work on the Monday, he sent around an email of some photos he took…Email Subject Line: CHRISTMAS PARTY PICS!



Skin – Pink Fuel Crystal for Maitreya Lara Body

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Hair – Tableau Vivant – Burtonette Hair **NEW** at C88

Collar – (r)M ~ Posture V-Collar

Top – Tres Blah – Collins Top **NEW** at C88

Skirt – Tres Blah – Lovett Skirt **NEW** at C88

Shoes – fri.day – Bobbie Pumps

Tattoo – White Widow – Midnight in Paris

Poses – Bauhaus Movement

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