A Cuddle Fort of Sorts


Still working a lot on the outdoor area of my house and I had rezzed this fabulous Cheeky Pea deck area a month or so ago and really not too much with it. So, when unKindness released their StiKs Lights at faMESHed it gave me the perfect opportunity to work some more on the area. I wanted a look that would be warm and cozy and the perfect place to hang out with friends or a cuddle buddy.


I think this area is just about hitting the mark…now, all I have to do is find a cuddle buddy!


unKindness – StiKs Lights Dark Wood **NEW** at faMESHed

Cheeky Pea Stargazer Landing Set

Serenity Style– Autumn Picnic Suitcase

Commoner – Chatterboxes

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