You Can’t Make Greed Look Pretty – The Flickr Bump Row Continues


There are a number of traits I find particularly unattractive and greed is right up there at the top of the list. It manifests itself in a number of ways within Second Life like clubs that ‘game’ traffic by using bots and alts to stores who put the most popular colours of an item unavailable to buy individually to force you to buy the fatpack (I don’t think that’s clever marketing that smacks of greed in my opinion).

There has been much talk this week on the subject of Flickr bumping. This is the process of changing the date and time on an already posted picture so it reappears at the top of your followers feeds. It’s a complex argument and as with all debates there are two sides to every story. I know a lot of bloggers use flickr as photo storage and therefore have to post the picture on flickr before writing their blog and preparing the credits. Many of these bloggers go back and put in the link to the credits and at that point they ‘bump’ the post. I have absolutely no issue with this at all. It’s sensible and a good reason for bumping.

Some bloggers bump for timezones. I usually post my pictures around midday GMT that’s between 4am and 7am in the USA. Many flickrites choose to ‘bump’ later in the day to gain more even coverage for their post in the US timezone. Again, seems quite sensible and reasonable to me.

What I find unreasonable is when someone bumps a picture several times a day or week to force it back into my feed, especially when the picture already has over 200 favourites.  I follow over 2000 people on flickr. I try to go through my feed often to appreciate and support other people’s work but bumpers who are greedy for attention, views and faves are becoming more and more responsible for missing some great work from other people who are just as deserving of the attention. Of course, I have the choice to unfollow them and I do because as I said, I find greed unpalatable and unnecessary.

I understand the argument that as a blogger you have a responsibility to try and get the most coverage for the brands you blog for. I myself take this very seriously and do my best to garner as many views and favourites and shares and likes as I can without resorting to bumping. But, here’s a flip side to that argument. As a blogger I also believe I have a responsibility to represent the stores I blog for professionally and ethically and to not bring their brand into any kind of disrepute. If you are continually bumping the same picture over and over again and generally ‘pissing off’ a large part of the Flickr community you are NOT representing your brands well…quite the opposite. Not all publicity is good publicity regardless of what the cliche says.

Also if you’re ‘gaming’ flickr faves by putting them in groups with no connection to SL at all…guess what, you’re still not doing yourself or the brand any favours. Yes our supporters want to see their product well photographed and appreciated in the form of views and favourites but if they all come from people that are never going to even log into SL, let alone buy the stores products, then you’re behaving as a fraud.

So in summary, some moderate bumping is acceptable and even necessary in some situations and while I have never done it I don’t see that as an issue. Bumping several times a day or week when you already have a high number of faves and views is irritating, annoying and will get you unfollowed quick smart whoever you are. And, in a an area where we are a marketing tool for the creators we blog for and should be doing our best to build desire for their products via our art remember that you can’t make greed look pretty.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Estee Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – Exile – Dolly

Tattoo – White Widow – Charade RARE **NEW** at The Epiphany Gacha Opens 12th April

Outfit – United Colors – Floral Corset & Skirt **NEW** at The Liaison Collaborative

Shoes – – Honey Platforms **NEW** at C88

Head Accessory – Lode – Apple Blossoms **NEW** at Chapter Four

Pose – Shi.s – Butterfly Dance

Location – The Trace Too


6 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Greed Look Pretty – The Flickr Bump Row Continues

  1. I never even knew people did that. I figure it goes on once and then I just leave it. If people are interested they will look, if they are not then ehhhh it doesn’t matter. I do it for me at the moment. I have no one in particular to blog for but I will naturally always try and include in the tags the name of the maker or sim if I remember. I just think that’s respectful considering you are using their stuff to create the image. Same with videos, Its just plain good manners.
    Now how does that bumping go again Kess??? Kidding…lol

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  2. I do not agree with the mitigating arguments saying some bumping is allowable. The timezone argument for one is nonsense. We are all capable of waking up in the morning and scrolling through our feeds to see everything is seen. If we ALL bumped because of time zones, then that is when things are being missed. Additionally, as a blogger I use Facebook, Google + and other media outlets to ensure my posts are seen. It is why we have blogs, so our products posts are archived there to be seen on later days. The ONLY time I think bumping is okay is when designers are advertising something.. otherwise I think no one should be bumping their photos for any reason.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Luka. I guess what I’m saying there is that I myself am not irritated and annoyed when I see a pic bumped when credits or added or for timezone reasons…ONCE! I get really angry at the ones I see with 300-400 faves still bumping daily for more. In my own case I have never bumped a pic by the time I’ve posted it I’ve already moved on to preparing for my next post. I totally agree though as you said with designers bumping their posts but a lot of them don’t for the same reason – they are already far too busy with the next project/event etc.

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  3. I was recently forced to spend 1200L for a fat pack, because that’s where the black version was stashed. And that’s the color I wanted. The item of clothing was too damn sexy not to get, and I refused to settle for a different color or hideous pattern. So, I agree with you, I think that was pure greed. Especially since the demo was in, guess what, the sexy black!

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    1. yeah I had exactly the same with a red item I wanted. I looked at all the other colours and patterns and realised I would never wear them in a million years so I had to ask myself if that one colour of the item was enough to justify the fatpack cost. That, combined with feeling more than a little irked into being forced into that decision was why I didn’t bother in the end. That said, I am all for an exclusive colour or pattern in a fatpack to encourage fatpack sales….just not the most popular ones that everybody wants.

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      1. Hmm….red was also an exclusive in the thing I bought….this item wouldn’t happen to have a really sexy fit and come with a body chain around the hips wold it?

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