A Camera Is a Save Button for the Mind’s Eye

exile serenity style

Photography in Second Life is a huge pastime and enjoyment for many and indeed a SL career for many others. We all associate so closely with our avatars and invest so much into the appearance and looks of our avatar that it’s not surprise that the profile picture is amongst the most common that you will find adorning the pages of Facebook or Flickr from members of the Second Life community.  We, and I very much include myself in this statement, LOVE to take pictures of our avatars. This is the total opposite to me in real life who could give Usain Bolt a run for his money at the mere mention of a real life camera.

What’s better than taking our own pictures? Having a talented photographer take them for us of course! I was very lucky recently when the amazing Less Then Zero took my photo for the cover of Eclipse Magazine. She really is a stunning photographer and master photo editor.


I’ve been posing a little lately for an exhibition of the work of Manuel Poza and today I am going to be dj’g at a little celebration of the opening of his exhibit at Black Lux Gallery called Luces y Sombras.  The party starts at 12noon through to 2pm slt at the gallery. We would love you to come along and celebrate with us and take a look at the beautiful artwork. (Please note this is a mature exhibit so anyone offended by artistic nudity should probably give it a miss)

Exhibition at Black Lux

About the Stuff:

Exile have released two new hairstyles at The Arcade this round called Hot and Cold. I’m wearing Cold which comes in two sizes giving a little extra boob room for the larger endowed amongst us.  I’m wearing the asymmetrical top and skirt from NYU at FaMESHed which is available in 5 mesh sizes as well Slink Hourglass, Physique and Maitreya Lara. The top comes in plain and striped options and the skirt comes in plain and split colour panels.

The shoes are new releases from fri.day for a new event called Shoebox which as you can imagine from the name is all about your pixel tootsies. I popped over there earlier and there are some very good brands taking part and definitely worth a look. The LadyJanes from fri.day come in 8 different colours and are fit for Maitreya feet only.



Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Werra  Catwa Head Applier **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – Exile – Cold **NEW** at The Arcade

Blouse – NYU – Asymmetric Loose Shirt  **NEW** at FaMESHed

Skirt – NYU – Asymmetric Midi Skirt **NEW** at FaMESHed

Shoes – fri.day – LadyJanes **NEW** at Shoebox


22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wooden Conservatory House **NEW** at FaMESHed

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Potbelly Stove **NEW** at FaMESHed

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Firewood Basket **NEW** at FaMESHed

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Camera

Serenity Style- Mauricette Tables **NEW** at SaNaRae

Serenity Style- Mauricette Armchair **NEW** at SaNaRae

Serenity Style- The Memories Metronome **NEW** at The Crossroads

Serenity Style- The Memories Violin RARE **NEW** at The Crossroads

Serenity Style- New Air Tray  **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Bazar – Stockholm-Bedroom Rug

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