Let the Music Play… What do you like to Hear?


I was chatting with my friend Sady the other day about the music I play at my DJ sets and it got me thinking about how to get the right balance for the audience at my sets. This isn’t about what genre of music you play, though for the record, my preference is for alternative and indie music and that’s what I tend to DJ, but about how you make the set relevant for a mixed audience.

I spend a lot of time every week listening to music, bands, following new releases, researching older bands I may have missed etc and I’d made the decision over the last few months to make my sets a mix of songs that people would know from the alt/indie charts but with a bias to songs that they might not have unless they follow that genre personally. It pleases me as a DJ to hear “Never heard this before but I love it” just as much as I like to hear “I love this song!” because they know it already.

Now I’m wondering if I have that balance right? Am I putting people off listening to the set because they don’t know enough of the tunes? Of course the ‘where’ you are dj’g is an important factor in this too. My friend Meri owns AAi which is an Alt and Indie club and I expect  to hear songs that are new to me when I go there but I also always hear songs I know and love too. But, if you’re working in a more mainstream, general, venue with varied genres from dance to ska being played by many different types of SL DJ how do you set the balance bar?

I thought I’d ask you dear readers what you think. I’m sure you all like different types of music and I would imagine that most of you have visited SL clubs at one point or another and listened to DJs and I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.

Please feel free to discuss further in comments, especially if none of the poll options apply to you.



Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Werra  Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Hair – Exile – Flickering Light **NEW** at C88

Coat – Zenith – Autumn Coat (hands in pocked) **NEW** at FaMESHed

Glasses – Ariskea – Hipsty Glasses

Boots – GABRIEL – Lily Boots

Pose – an lar – Sapphire **NEW** at We Love Roleplay

Location – TaKe Heart Gallery

3 thoughts on “Let the Music Play… What do you like to Hear?

  1. Fabby post and conversation Kessface. I try to do 50/50 new stuff to stuff I already know, although I’m aware that just because I know it, maybe my audience doesn’t. I always enjoy your sets ❤


  2. Good question.. I really think that it’s difficult to give an answer that can work in different places. Nevertheless, in general I feel I’m satisfied with a 60% new / 40% known tunes, meaning that the discovery feeling is for me just a little stronger. But of course I need also some great tunes which I can smile to when I listen to the intro playing.. Thanks for polling this!

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