Save My Blushes

Save My Blushes

I mentioned when I posted my speed edit video yesterday that I would be blogging the outfit that I was wearing in that. Now, there has been an event going on that all the romantics in SL have been loving... The Trunk Show.  It's all about one of SL's biggest activities - weddings.  A lot [...]

Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

I love when things come together like this - especially at the moment when not much else is, at least my blogging is! There is so much cuteness and gooey goodness in this post with the items from across a range of stores and different events, and they all worked so well together for this [...]

I’ve Got This

I’ve Got This

I've got this...I think. Walking away from something your heart wants more than anything because your brain controls the wall you have built around it is the hardest thing to do. But, I've got this...I think.     Credits: Head - Lelutka - Cate 3.0 Skin – Glam Affair Luminay Hands - Maitreya Bento Hands Ears [...]


I decided to a new thing with the blog on a Sunday. The Sunday Reblog! So, hopefully, every Sunday I’m going to reblog a blogger who I follow. I’m hoping it’s going to kick me up the ass a bit and read more of the great posts from other bloggers that I’ve been really bad at doing lately.

So, today I am reblogging this lovely lady…Deva. She’s a friend of a friend and is fast becoming a straight out friend too! Loving her photos and words and she’s such an unerring supporter of other bloggers who appear on her feed. She’s always enthusiastic about the posts she reads of mine and adds a comment or IM’s me to discuss or have a giggle. I love that! So, show her some love – she’s a great person and a fabulous blogger/photographer!



She smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, twisting this way, and that. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she spoke to her reflection. “Oh yes… I am pretty sure he will appreciate the outfit.” She tugged gently at the frills which adorned the blue lingerie she had chosen especially for his home-coming.

She crossed the room and turned out the light, raising a brow as she let her eyes adjust to the soft blue moonlight which flowed through the window and softened the outlines of the pillows and throw she had arranged. They almost seemed to glow in cosy invitation, but she was not yet finished with the scene she wished to greet her Love with as he returned home.

It took small effort to remove the cork from the perfectly chilled champagne, before she filled two glasses and set them down on the trunk…

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She’s Leaving Home

She’s Leaving Home

It's a long weekend coming up in the UK with a public holiday on Monday and I've got to say I'm really looking forward to it. there are a few things you can guarantee about August Bank Holiday weekend and these are: The weather will be awful The roads will be at a standstill If [...]

October’s Bound Box Participants Revealed

so the list is out for the October Bound Box….and wow there’s some amazing names in here! Looking forward to getting my hands on the goodies already!

Pale Girl Productions

Hello my lovely deviants! We are proud to introduce to you October’s Bound Box participants! I hope you are excited about the upcoming release as we are. Pre-orders go on sale September 12th.


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