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This is going to be unpopular but here goes…I’m totally fine with the changes Flickr is making. In fact some of them are very exciting changes and I’m looking forward to them. Yes I am already a PRO user. If I wasn’t then I would become one now.

For those that don’t have a clue what I am talking about Flickr made an announcement yesterday regarding many changes, one of which is that they are limiting the number of photos free users of the service can store and share on Flickr to 1000. Although I was a Pro user already I had pondered, more than once, that the benefits of being Pro were quite limited. There wasn’t a lot of difference. Really I was just paying for the stats and as a bit of a stataholic that worked for me. Now there will be a lot more benefits of me being Pro. I believe I am going to get a better service for my money.

I tried to stay away from most of the drama and hysteria on the subject yesterday but I did read comments like “Flickr will lose out! People will leave! They will be sorry!”. Flickr is a business. It’s never claimed to be a not for profit or a charity. They have reviewed and changed the structure of their business to provide their paying customers with more and their free service users less. Breaking news for the free service users…they aren’t going to be upset if you, and the dollars you aren’t paying them, leave.

Another thought I had was around the cost of Pro…the equivalent of buying around 10k of L$, 40USD ish with the special offer they have. 830L$ a month…not even a fatpack of cost. I understand that not everyone can afford that and I’m lucky that I can. But, I am absolutely positive that some of the people shouting loudest about this don’t think twice about dropping 1000L$ on a fatpack of pixel pants. In fact I know it.

Lastly, no one is entitled to free things. Free things are great but the offer of them being free can be removed at any time. The vitriol I’ve seen, even with trying to avoiding it, toward the platform owners has been astounding. They aren’t forcing anyone to go Pro…you can still have 1000 images. If you are a long time blogger you will need to be prudent and do some housekeeping on your stream. If you are a new blogger then at 1 post a day you have 2.5 years before you need to worry yourself with running out of storage space on Flickr.

The biggest issue I can see of less SL Residents using Flickr will be in the impact on views and faves and that is just going to push the bar up in terms of quality – something as bloggers we should all encourage and want to see.

Anyways, that’s my two penneth. I don’t see much bad in any of the announcement today. Just good for the platform, the service and the users of the platform.

Happy Friday!


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7 thoughts on “Girl Boss

  1. Well said and while I’m not Pro, I am going to do my best to do so. You know my situation, so atm, purchasing anything in regards to SL is a bit of a stretch. However, I was talking about this last night and I mentioned that they are a business. They have to pay for servers and employees, etc. What gives us the right to complain that after all these years they can no longer offer so much for free?


  2. I don’t see anything wrong with it either! As a matter of fact, I’m going to go Pro at the end of the month. Before it wasn’t worth it to me, now it is…I only get so many lindens every month (I have a choice between Lindens or something else), so I’m giving up half of my monthly Lindens allowance to go Pro each month. I can’t afford the yearly at one time, but I can swing the $6 bucks for the recurring cost and I am more than willing to give up the difference inworld to do it! So instead of $20 in Lindens each month, I’ll get $13…:) Your feelings on the topic aren’t as unpopular as you think. 😛


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