The Glamour Sauce “Shout Out To” Birthday Giveaway

The Glamour Sauce is 4 Years old today! Now, I had dabbled with blogging on Blogspot but I was in no way serious about it and a total noob to it but it was on May 29th 2015 that I posted my very first post here at I wanted to take things a little more seriously and figured WordPress was the platform that I wanted to use. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that blogging would lead me on the journey it has. This blog started as an emotional and creative outlet for me. I still talk about my personal life but not in the raw detail about my emotions that I did then. My first post photo: I thought today would be a good time to look back and review the past 4 years and look forward to the next year ahead.

  • My most read post also came in 2015 when I opened up about a difficult SL relationship – 5 Signs That You May Be in a SL Relationship with a Narcissist.
  • SL Calendar Girls is my most read feature every month.
  • Mainstore Monday was the first regular feature that I tried to do on the blog.
  • I purchased domain
  • I’ve added Instagram to my regular social media updates.
  • I co-founded the Blogger & Vlogger Network
  • I started to video blog and live stream via my YouTube Channel
  • I found my niche! Decor blogging!
  • I made amazing friends directly through blogging
  • I have learned skills and techniques in photography, editing and graphic design that I have been able to directly transfer to my real life work.

There are lots more too and one of the items in the list above I’m bringing back too! Mainstore Monday will launch again this coming Monday. I’ve always been a proponent of mainstore shopping in Second Life. I love events as much as the next person…I work for two of them but I do love a good browse round a mainstore location.  I started website 2 years ago to promote new releases, group gifts, mainstore events etc…anything that drives traffic to a mainstore.

What is Mainstore Monday? Well, it’s a store review of a different mainstore location. It will contain photographs and a written review and pertinent information such as group join fee, group gifts, subscriber updated…everything you can expect if you visit the store. I will start with the stores I blog for and then spread my wings to other stores too and try to keep it as a mix of fashion, decor and more. The first store I will be featuring is Granola on Monday next week.

Recently a blogger and I were talking about some negativity about blogging that was prevalent on social media. Over the four years I’ve seen lots of positivity and some negativity…the latter far less than the former thankfully. It tends to come in waves…one person posts and then it snowballs then goes away again. If social media were old fashioned newspapers it would be the equivalent of ‘Today’s news, tomorrows chip wrappers’. I have always tried to remain on the positivity side of things which brings me to the giveaway I want to do for my blogging birthday.

Shout out to… You can see from that first post I was a LeLutka girl even back then…wearing Stella mesh head and an outfit from Blueberry and shoes from The hair was from a store called Chemistry…I’m not sure if they are around anymore. I now have the great honour of blogging for both LeLutka and Blueberry…and I have blogged for in the past too. So, I’m giving away L$2000 Blueberry Giftcard and L$2000 LeLutka Giftcard to one random winner.

How to Enter: I want to share our love of blogs, bloggers and photographers in Second Life and show who inspires us and who we like to follow. I could name 20 or more people that I admire and learn from daily but I am sure there are many, many others.

  • To enter the giveaway simply comment on this post with the name of a blogger or photographer that you admire and a link to their blog or a recent blogpost by them.
  • If you see that blogger or photographer has already been mentioned please try to choose another you like…I’d really like as many as possible to get a shout out! 
  • Include your SL legacy name so that I can find you if you win! 
  • I will choose one winner at random and announce on Monday 3rd June in the Mainstore Monday – Granola post. 

You can say more about why you follow that blogger or find them inspiring in the comment if you wish as long as their name, link and your name is included. 

It seems appropriate that in my photo today I am also blogging Blueberry and LeLutka. All the credits on my recent photo are below. 

Good luck! I hope we get lots of links and bloggers to follow. 


*Head – LeLutka – Korina

*Skin  – Glam Affair – Sapphire

Eyes – AviGlam – Horizon

Ears – ^^Swallow^^ Pop Pixie

*Hair – Clawtooth: – Miss Vanjie **NEW** at Uber

*Top – Blueberry – Moki – Top **NEW** at Uber

*Skirt – Blueberry – Moki – Skirt **NEW** at Uber

Jewellery – [ kunst ] – Elise necklace & piercing **NEW** at Uber

Pose – Amitie Photomaton **NEW** at Uber

25 thoughts on “The Glamour Sauce “Shout Out To” Birthday Giveaway

  1. The blogger/photographer that I find so inspiring is Κλειώ. Κλειώ was one of the first decor photographers I followed and subsequently met in world. The lighting in each picture always made me so happy. I strive to make that light. Still learning.
    (My legacy name is AlluringKimmy)

    On another note, congratulations for 4 years. That is so epic!!!!!!! Xoxo

    Kimmy Ridley

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  2. My Blogger i adore is Exis ( 3xis ) , i adore her fully compositions and her colors Every single Blog post fascinate me. Of course there are amazing other Bloggers and Photographers. Since i’m only Flickr Blogger so i logged in with FB and my Legacy name is Desire Darkrose ..
    Congratulations for your 4 years of Blogging!!!

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  3. As a fellow blogger i am inspired for your trip in SL and your evolution! I recently found my love for decorating and staging and i love to watch your details and settings, learning a bit here and there from the most amazing decor bloggers in SL.
    One i came across is Natalia – i like her soft lights and style, and its been an inspiration for my sl home redoing time 🙂 Plus she uses in her pictures tons of creations and the mix and match is amazing!
    I only wish one day i can be half of the blogger you are! congrats on your amazing SL 🙂 Muahs!

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  4. The blogger/photographer I look up to is you, Kess Crystal. Congratulations on 4 years of consistent, beautiful and inspiring blogging. And I include myself in the “I made amazing friends directly through blogging” point. It is how I feel about you and a few other people I’ve met through SL and blogging. ❤

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  5. Happy ~The Glamour Sauce~ Day, Miss Kess Crystal!
    The blogger/photographer that I admire is Hikaru Enimo. He is very passionate about blogging and photography, and do so on a daily basis. I admire his work as he is able to carry different styling with ease and yet not overdo it, not using too too much filters and such, and so he is able to give a true presentation of the designers’ creations. He is also able to use items that may be created for female avatars such as hair, and share the creation’s versatility with the men in Second Life. His work and life in Second Life is in fact mainly immersed in blogging and creating blogging opportunities for fellow residents who are good at photography and willing to work hard and learn. Only with love and passion for blogging can anyone put in the time as he does, and for this I admire his work!

    Hikaru Enimo Blog:

    ♥ ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ♡
    moon Ling


  6. There are amazing bloggers all arround I will mention one that was one of my first that I started follow when I began my trip in these work, I started as fashion bloggers so “Coqueta” drive my crazy with her amazing pics her Flickr, also I realize that I love much more decorate and the first person who made me feel tense is not longer exist but we’re a couple called “Knave” family (they used to have homes complete decorate for rent) but few years ago I realize they close the account so I never could see their pics again. (My name Loly Hallison)

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  7. Happy 4th Bloggy Birthday, Kess ❤ Have a piece of virtual cake, it's non-calorie!

    It's no good me sending out the love for Exis/Eva as she's already mentioned. She is so good that she intimidates me and if she blogs a mutual Sponsor, then I give up – heheh joking again! But you know what I mean.

    So… there's a couple of other H&G Bloggers that have helped me over the years because when I started I had no bloody idea and still don't sometimes *laughs* but I try. One is Ebony – – she has a very joyful style and when I look at her work I feel happy inside, and the other is Alexa – – who is really talented and knows about the position of lighting and angles in a masterly way. I am honoured to count these exceptional bloggers amongst my Inworld friends. And you're so right about the social possibilities of blogging, thank you for starting the BVN ❤


  8. Congratulations!
    Some brand was asking about the best bloggers we know, but in the end I did not put your name in, as I thought they might spam you, and you likely prefer to choose the stuff you blog yourself.
    Kidman Latte seems to always be making her images look even better than what the ingredients would allow. No dig on the designers, just meaning she elevates things.
    Bonus mention Flickr blogger Jena, whose images make me wish I was taking them.

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  9. My all time favourite blogger has to be the lovely Mericat Ireland. I’ve known this lady now for a few years in sl, and she is one of the loveliest ladies I know. Her blog is the very first sl blog I ever read and I loved it so much it inspired me to start my own. I know she had a long break from it recently, but it so good to have her back.

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  10. Congratulations! I love your blog very much and I can name everyone you pick for your galleries, such an inspiration and blows me away every month!

    This is so hard! I love for decorating blogs Anan Adored, Justine Lemton and Exis (who is already mentioned, well I love all the already mentioned bloggers hehehehe )
    And for fashion I love Lan and Miaa Rebane
    Oh and for locations I should mention the photos by Loverdag

    I cant decide on one the best. I can do a whole list but I will shut up now 🙂 *giggles

    my inworld name is anandaheart resident

    Oh and Kess, Kimmy’s fav is this blog 🙂

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  11. Kess,

    I absolutely love this post for to push for positive vibes! ♥

    There are several bloggers who I truly admire and respect. As I have shared with you before, you are certainly one of the bloggers I admire and respect most, not just for your blog but also for all the other work you do to support the blogging community.

    Since I need to mention someone new though, I have a few of others I need to mention though. 😉

    Even though she recently retired from blogging, Rina Grayson has been such an amazing blogger and truly impacted fashion blogging with her unique style. In addition to that, she has been such an amazing friend and support to me. Not only has she taken the time to support me in blogging and encourage me during time I was struggling with my photography or questioning whether I belonged in the blogging world. She has also became such an amazing friend who has supported me in life. For the few who take the time to get to know her, they will find a woman with one of the kindest hearts on the grid. I also have to include Adalynne Romano, Amelia and Ryanna Foxclaw. All three of them have taken the time to not just be my friends, but also mentored me since my early days and have taught me a great deal. I don’t know if I would have survived my first year of blogging without the support of these four women. They have been those friends who helped hold me up when I needed it, without ever letting me know I needed their support.

    Lastly, while I don’t know her as well, I have to mention Callie Hamelin. I don’t know Callie as well as Rina, Addy, Amelia and Ryanna, but Callie has a style I just love. The way she can blend fashion and decor is amazing. Along with her lighting and level of detail in her pictures…I just love her work. Along with just being a fabulous photographer, she has this way of popping into my message box or commenting on something on my feed at the times where I need an extra boost…whether blogging or life related. She is a woman I hope to get to know better personally in the coming years.

    Rina’s Blog:
    Adalynne’s Blog:
    Amelia’s Blog:
    Ryanna’s Blog:
    Callie’s Blog:

    Happy anniversary, Kess, and thank you for all you do!

    Tiffany Parkin ♥


  12. Congratulations Kess! (on your blog and your accomplishments!) ♥

    There are so many amazing bloggers out there now, it is so hard to choose! I remember when I started blogging back in 2009 if you can believe lol, there were only very few bloggers. It really is nice to see how much it has grown! So many different looks and styles, for fashion and photography!

    That said, if I had to pick one, I’d have to say my all time fave blogger is Miaa Rebane. I just love her style and her photography, plus her use of color is amazing, and I can remember her from back when I started and admired her then too! I can honestly say there is not one look or blog post I do not absolutely adore! 🙂

    I’m sure you have her blog link, but here it is:)

    What a wonderful way to recognise so much amazing talent!

    My legacy name is the same..Sistine Kristan and ty! ♥ xo

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  13. The person who inspires has to be Mericat Ireland. She has a down to earth writing style that makes me want to keep reading. There are many fab photographers out there but to me a blog is more than a photo, it’s about the whole wanting to keep picking it up again and again to read the next story. Mericat does that with a great sense of fun and her own unique style.

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  14. Hey Kess,

    huge congratulations and happy 4th Glamour Sauce-ary 🙂 It’s incredible to read what’s happened in those 4 years, and how it’s been affecting both SL aswell RL – beautiful ❤

    The blogger, and/or vlogger, that first really got me inspired, was Strawberry Singh. Always stunning images of SL-places, helping others to the "how to"'s and "step by step" manual for mesh everything and just an all-around beautiful, lively, cheerful and colorful vibe in each post and vlog, it just made me feel very grateful and inspired of how much efford she was putting into her work and for doing that for 12 years.
    I do miss her blogs/vlogs, but I'm happy for her new job at LL's and wish her all the best in SL & RL ❤

    Strawberry's Flickr, Blog and YouTube

    Other brilliant artists out there are:
    * already mentioned Rina Edenflower (sharpness, shine & shadows)

    Diversion For Happy Weekend!

    * Asia Rae (clean sharp look and many beautiful faces)


    * Anouk A (black/white rebellion beauty)

    Galactic Pompadour / 2018

    * Charlie Namiboo (artistic storyteller and capturing the moment emotionally)

    [I am too full of life to be half loved … ♪♫]

    * … why can't I think of any male-blogger atm… ugh… (I know I follow some, sorry guys… ❤ )

    The list is too long, but I'm always happy to read, be inspired, observe and learn from other bloggers' posts and try do better myself.

    Truly thank u Kess for doing this giveaway – and upfront huge congrats to the lucky one who gets it ❤

    Gem Sabra


  15. I’m late, but first congratulations for being at this so long. Some of my favorite are already mentioned, but I want to give a shout out to someone whose prose I enjoy very much, who can make his pictures come alive with the way he describes whatever he is blogging. That would be Moz, at He’s also such a great supporter and all around good friend. Then one of my favorite Flickr photographers is Eripom. I fell in love with some action shots she did, and continually admire her work. Her Flickr is:, who does some amazing shots. I do warn you that some are very graphic and adult in nature. Though she inspires me greatly with her work.


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