SL Calendar Girls – April 2021

Welcome to SL Calendar Girls April 2021 selection.

Each month I choose a selection of photos from the SL Calendar Girls Flickr photo pool that catch my eye and are my favourite photos added over the course of the month. As we all do, there are bloggers and photographers I admire and, where almost every photo they produce, I adore…it’s hard to pick a favourite photo from those people and one of the biggest challenges for me. Alongside those regular faces I always try to include new-to-me photographers, and artists that are featured less often.  Calendar Girls will always be a collection of photos I’ve enjoyed viewing and hopefully you will too. No more, no less.

The last couple of months have been incredible for new photographers for me. I have followed so many people while doing the selection and found some really stunning, creative, artists. I’m excited to share their work with you all too.

Here is the April 2021 selection:

Observe by UMA


Be Free by Madelynne Poirot

Be Free

Zola by Valenska Voljeti


scarlet red by Savannah Mohegan

La Venelle by Adriane Silva

La Venelle...

anzi leggerissima by aver Osk

anzi leggerissima

miss chelsea by Lidsa

📷  ᵐᶤˢˢ ᶜʰᵉˡˢᵉᵃ

Desire by Wynona Wilde

so immaculate… by Claudia Orsini

untitled by Stella Mahogany

The soul should smell like a fresh… by Aleksandra RomanovA

Reckless by Be Pur Pur


681 by Lu Vortex

#681# Scandalize & What Next

The Embrace by Amberly

T h e  E m b r a c e

I S O N by Mogovtle Karnstein


untitled by Janeen Arliss


Tomboy by Tarja Haven


Rocket Science by Noel Heartsong

🚀 Rocket Science

untitled by Natasha Bennet


Like it doesn’t hurt by Bo Zano

"Like It Doesn't Hurt"

Beach gyal by Doja Vaughn

Was such a beautiful day by Skip Staheli

KatieLuna~Was such a Beautiful Day

A Girl I Knew by Seb

A Girl I Knew

cover me in sunshine by emie

[.cover me in sunshine.]

Dutch Vacation by Honey

Dᴜᴛᴄʜ Vᴀᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

Some kind of enchantment by Nico Arlington

Some kind of enchantment

counting cracks and losing feelings by Moth Aurelia

counting cracks and losing feelings.

You got me by Mya Audebarn

"You Got Me..."

Scheherazade by SpajkiE Hanks

♥New Post♥ Scheherazade

Flower Market by Liv Haalan

Flower market 🌸

Lazy nights after work by Julie Vanderperck

Lazy nights after work

176 by Syrena Bone

176 // ♥

Neonesse by Chezza Slade

Neonesse ♥

wild and free by Eva Knoller

wild and free

Dominate Me by Hye Min

Don’t Worry by Anu Papp

Don't Worry

Regina di Bellezza… by Asshlley Moss

Sinful Agent by Ruby Riotz

Hakuna Matata by MayaSnowfield

Hakuna Matata | S&P

20210427 by banana lecker


Slightly Hung Over by Annan Adored

Slightly Hung Over. . .

2863 by Meigabea Danger

untitled by Anne


Portrait by ⓚ


Pocket of Sunshine by Shocking Wonder

Pocketful of Sunshine

I am who I am… by Charlie Namiboo

[I am who I am. Not who you think I am. Not who you want me to be. I am me … ♪♫]

Spring Brunch by Hara

Spring Brunch

Like wildflowers… by Scarlett Karsin-Salvatore

Marta by Amberly

M a r t a

Never by Amara R Release


. 50 % I D K – 50 % I D C . by Cataleya

.   50 %   I D K   -  50 %   I D C   .

forest walk by Julianna Cane

forest walk

167 by Elizabeth Rosatre

#167 👑

untitled by Ni Avril


207 by Ezra Savage


Paris Rooftops by Carolina Sauterau

LOTD #1119: Paris Rooftops

Knife Play by Kayotica

Knife Play

1449 by Xena


untitled by Malina


Chloe by Jay


3415 by Lona Lenroy

N° 3415

SundayFunday by Secret Sommer Tyran

#Sundayfunday- The art of dance- "We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until we splash into something that forces us to find a new course" ~Golden

Pleased to meet you by Wicca Merlin

Pleased to meet you...

Fire by Cinaria

Just a dream by Angelika Corral

Just a dream

Luane’s World… by Emery

♥ 3rd place ♥  LUANE'S WORLD PHOTO CONTEST  - (vintage beach)

379 by Feralias Lesanar

Le monde en main by Lou Shadow

untitled by Mary lvl3rlin

Burning City by Mira

Burning city

Moonlight Rendezvous by Yin

Moonlight Rendezvous

Mak N Cho by client list open

you broke me first by Potato Pancake

.you broke me first.

untitled by Ella Pavlona


it’s gonna hurt… by Ghoulina Waffle

It's gonna hurt, it'll sting

What should I wear? by DressCode

#077"What should I wear ?"

Flower Power by Trixie Pinelli

Come Away, O Human Child!… by Kimmy Ridley

“Come away, O human child!  To the waters and the wild  With a faery, hand in hand,  For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.”  ― William Butler Yeats

Blending in by Koura

Blending in

2105 by Sophieso Demonia

# ♥2105

51st of 365 days by Pammy Wammy Yummy

51ꜱᴛ ᴏꜰ 365 ᴅᴀʏꜱ

Sorry Not Sorry by Annika Velde

♥ꜱᴏʀʀʏ ɴᴏᴛ ꜱᴏʀʀʏ♥

Here comes the sun by Its’a Me Maria

Here Comes The Sun

1051 by Candynette Metaluna

Style #1051

1705 by Lindalindalein Mayo

Honeymoon by Lila Eigner

Chamomile & Peony by Melly Clarrington

Chamomile & Peony

Cirilia by Anja Mexicola


528 by Pineapple


Are we written in the stars… by A Frith

Are we written in the stars baby, or are we written in the sand?...

untitled by Sofie Janic


Aura by Julianna Cane


210422 by Yurin


The Tease by Twizsted Cyanide

The Tease

Breathe life into the unknown by Ric Applewhyte

Breathe life into the unknown

Thirsty by Jane

21042021 by Katy SL


Cold Little Heart by Evalyn Wunderlich

Cold Little Heart

As Arabella by Madison RR Bugaati Salmson

As Arabella . .

Daisies in Bloom by ella rose


Wish you were here by Velvet Bunny

Wish you were here

Fly with me by Julianna Cane

Fly with me

Olga by Anaya Twine


The Rains of Castamere by Dae fangs

In my head…we belong by dot

untitled by Angela Voxel

NEW❗ ♚AngelEyes♚ Shape AVALON for Lelutka EvoX Avalon Head 3.0 - Legacy Body

She may very well pass… by Alice Blizzard

She May Very Well Pass for Forty Three… in the Dusk with the Light Behind Her

Butterfly Queen by Witchy

. ~ Butterfly Queen ~ .

untitled by Magissa Denver


Believe in Tomorrow by Tsubasa

Believe in Tomorrow

I love you Bobby…. by Maaddi Benazzi

I love you Bobby only Forever

bye bye baby by Apple

.bye bye baby.

955 by Ara Voxel


Sound of Silence by Kayotica

Sound of Silence

With you gone…. by Ameya Moon

Sou menina e sou mulher,… by Sara Baez

Sou menina e sou mulher, dependendo da situação sou o que quiser!

Fairy Tale Bliss by Tolla Crisp

Fairy Tale Bliss

Dream of you by J A R

Dream Of You

She loves moonlight… by Lana

She loves moonlight & so many other things that have a soul...

Public Toilets by Runa Cos

Public toilets

One Sunny Day by Emelia Faye

One sunny day.

Como una princesa de cuento by Yhesy Cath

Como una princesa de cuento

Belle Spring by Saber

Belle Spring

enjoy the silence by Thara

.enjoy the silence.

Other Worlds by Belleza Xenno

Other Worlds

Make Believe by Hara

Make Believe

cedar by zerrahluv


632 by Manu Denimore


Dreamer by Pastel

Dreamer ~

No Retreat, never Surrender by Melanie King

No retreat, never surrender.

Like Gold by Teej

lost in thoughts by Suki

lost in thoughts

I will lead you home to me by Samanthe Mirror

I will lead you home to me

Spring Dreams by Anuska Loon

Spring Dreams

Glow by Jorgia Prynce


Come Back by Megumi

🌸 ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ʙᴀᴄᴋ 🌸

Spring Fling by EXIS

Spring Fling

Sunflowers by Jay


Citrus by Kurimu Kuma


Maid of Fear by Mira

Maid of Fear

Blue Eyes by Silent

Festival of Colors by Adriane Silva

Festival of Colors...

Whistles the  wind by Luna Morineaux-Song

Whistles the wind

Naomi by Talija


Vintage Spring by Yin

Vintage Spring 🌷

Kiss Me, Dangerous by Midnight Eclipse

My dog and me… by Zohra Whimsy

No, I wouldn’t want to live…. by Wicca Merlin

“No, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without dragons…”

without a remainder by Moth Aurelia

without a remainder.

317 by Rikkulicious

№.317 Petrichor for Epiphany ♥

Simplicity, elegance, and sensuality by Desire Darkrose

Siimplicity, elegance, and sensuality.

Lo peor de la peste no es que mata… by Falenah Schutz

Lo peor de la peste no es que mata a los cuerpos, sino que desnuda las almas y ese espectáculo suele ser horroroso.

A photograph is the pause button… by Emelia Faye

A photograph is the pause button of life.

untitled by Sia

Butterfly Effect by Caron Fireproof

Butterfly Effect

bum by rood adamczyk


This is how I roll… by Lois

This is how I roll ♡aye♡ @ Mother Road-Mirage Motel 6

Red Lights in the Nigth by Nannja Panana

untitled by Annia Weiser


Endings by Judah uWu


Never let you go by Nuria Niven

#451 Never let you go

Fae by May


Minefields by Lesleyyyyy Lisa


Poetry of Delight by Alexa Maravilla

Poetry of delight

Mistica by Katien Erin


maybe don’t by Claudia Orsini

strong by mila maesar


Boost Up by Eripom Moonwall

"Boost Up"

who will save your soul by Vally Lavender

Calendar Girls April 2021 - [who will save your soul]

Fake Preppy by Magician XIII

Fake Preppy

The pirate Jorogumo by Christian2221

The pirate Jorogumo

Farore by Yuki


Summer Breeze by Nora Mae Julian

♥ Summer Breeze

aria by Amberly

a r i a

The Prey by Fina Dibou

~The Prey~

Bad Romance by BetrayedSoul

- Bad romance.

Mariposa Traicionera by A Kiani

Falling apart by Skip Staheli

SionaMae~Falling Apart -crop

Get my way by Rina Edenflower

♪ Get My Way

tank of dreams by Rivers

Twilight by Annika Velde

bloom baby, bloom by Anja Mexicola

bloom baby,bloom

when I looked at life…. by Charlie Namiboo

[when I looked at life through the camera, I felt like I could finally see it … ♪♫]

Urban Garden Fairy by Jade Troll

Urban Garden Fairy.

Secret Message by Midnight Eclipse

Secret Message

Seaside by Kalista Witherinton

ஐ ❄❄ Seaside ❄❄ ஐ

Molpop1 by Poppi

untitled by elise mersereau


The Epiphany by Coqueta Georgia

The Epiphany Event Starting the 15th of April......!

Lonely Nights by UMA

Yuna by April Absinthe

FaMESHed April by Coqueta Georgia

FaMESHed April....

813 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +813

Above every storm by Bambi

Above every storm, you will still find the moon and the sun

gold town by Diconay Boa

gold town.

Battle Maiden by Vitani Vortex

Battle Maiden

happy easter by Cataleya

.   h a p p y  e a s t e r   . 🐇

Petal Dance by Makoko


Real Beauty lays in Nature by UmaMayLi

Real beauty lays in Nature

Just a small positive thought by NatG

Just a small positive thought

Stay Forever by Luane Meo

Stay Forever

Live life in full bloom by Rachel Deveraux

Live Life in Full Bloom

untitled by Gabrielle Allen

Vampire Jezebell is here! by Nimue Grantly

#180 "Vampire Jezebell is here!"

Think of summer sunshine by Ryanna

•{ Think of Summer Sunshine . . .

Views from the lighthouse by Any Moonwall

"Views from the lighthouse"

Perfidia by Anne


In Bloom by EXIS

In Bloom

Jezebel by Cockaigne

Jezebel ✨

149 by Laveno74


I’m only human by Camilla Luponox

Y yo le digo la modelo Como camina… by Tati Kent

Y yo le digo la modelo Como camina y se juega con su pelo Y lo bien que le sale todo lo que ella hace La foto que siempre postea en la rede' Como la planifica y le pone un mensaje Sabe que está bien buena y resalta lo' detalle!!!

Nora by Talija


The Countess Cortes by Damiana Babcock

The Countess Cortes

Searching for a rainbow by Corsario Lionheart

Searching for a rainbow

The Art of Seduction… by Morgan Monroe

Deveny by Susanne Drechsler


Run for your life by Morgaine Blackrain

Run For Your Life.

Here comes the sun by Aria Christen

lost and found by mila maesar

lost and found...

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