SLEtiquette – Why is it so hard for some people to grasp?

SLEtiquette – Why is it so hard for some people to grasp?

Anyone that knows me knows this is a subject that I can bang on about ad infinitum and I'll try not to do that to you today. I also don't want this to come across as 'newbie' bashing because while a lot of the behaviour I'm going to cover is often seen by newbies to [...]

Imagine If Dreams Came True What Would Happen With Me and You

I feel I need to start this post with an apology of sorts. I have been so consumed with organising and running the MadPea Celebrity Auction for almost two weeks now that I have been quite the slacker blogger! That said, the Celebrity Auction is in it's final day, the amount of money raised is [...]

Putting on the Ritz

There is something mysterious and intriguing about dressing up and trying new styles. Most of us have a favourite 'everyday' look for our avies but it's always so much fun to try out new 'to you' stores and I love being so pleasantly surprised as I have been recently with some of those finds. For [...]

A Little of What you Fancy Does You Good

My preferred saying is 'If you don't eat what you want, drink what you want and smoke what you want, you don't live just feels like it!' I need to add in 'buy what you want' to that as well especially when it comes to Second Life. The great news for us shoppers is [...]