Mainstore Monday – AlterEgo & Spellbound

Every Monday I blog a Mainstore Monday meme featuring two mainstores from around the grid. The purpose of this is to redress the balance a little between event shopping and mainstores shopping and show some examples of great mainstores, ideas, sims and places to blog and share with your friends. I love shopping events and […]

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Mainstore Monday – Moon Amore and Clockhaus

Every Monday I visit 2 mainstores in SL as part of the Mainstore Monday feature on my blog. The purpose of this to redress the balance a little from event shopping and show the excellent mainstores out there and the great shopping experiences that can be had outside of events. Ironically, this week, both stores […]

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Mainstore Monday – C’est La Vie and Astralia

  I cannot believe another Monday is here and almost gone in the UK! Every Monday I visit two mainstores as part of my Mainstore Monday feature. I implore other bloggers to try this out. Not only do you find some awesome items, places for photographs but you may just find a store that you […]

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Mainstore Monday – unKindness & 7mad;Ravens

  So I am cheating a little with Mainstore Monday today because it’s two very closely related (literally!) stores on the same sim! This is the scene that greets you when you arrive at the unKindness & 7mad;Ravens newly decorated sim. I adore stores that make shopping at their stores an experience and that’s exactly […]

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Mainstore Monday – Seven Emporium & Valentina E

  Wow – it’s Monday again already – where did the weekend go? One minute it’s Fifty Linden Friday and the next it’s Mainstore Monday! The two are linked this week because both stores I visited are part of the Fifty Linden Friday family and do some awesome bargains. I do enjoy FLF on many […]

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Mainstore Monday – Accessorize from Top to Toe

A few days ago I posted about a new Meme for Bloggers that I wanted to start and hopefully other bloggers would take part in too. Mainstore Monday would cover details of two mainstores in SL and in some way go to redressing the balance on the amount of posts that we all do for […]

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A new Meme for Bloggers? Will you Join me in Mainstore Monday?

I have spoken to a lot of bloggers and several store owners lately about the balance between shopping events and mainstores. It seems that most feel the same as I do…that events are like chocolate…we love them, we want them but we know ultimately that too many of them are bad for us. I have […]

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