The Six Songs Series – Part 1 – Songs That Make You Cry


I was reading an article on the BBC website today called ‘6 Songs That Make People Cry and the Reasons Why’. It struck me because just the day before I had been watching Room 101 on the BBC where the host, Frank Skinner, argued that he couldn’t put the film Grease in Room 101 because the song ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ was the only song he couldn’t sing without crying.


I am very much a music person and love music of all genres and sub-genres (yes, even some country) and there are many songs that bring a tear to my eye and I started to think about the top 6 of those.

  1. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler. For many just the song alone can send the waterworks into gear but I do have a more personal reason. My Mum passed away on a Sunday night in 1991. On Monday morning my Father, Sister and myself had to drive to the Funeral Directors to make arrangements and my Mums car was blocking in my Dads so we took hers. As the car started up the tape recorder in the car kicked in and, as she was a huge fan of the film Beaches, the soundtrack and Bette Midler generally the last song playing on the tape was suddenly filling the car. We got two streets away before we had to turn it off…we were all in tears.
  2. If You Were in These Arms – Bon Jovi. My ex broke Bon Jovi for me…particularly this song. The lyrics of this song were everything I wanted to believe was true and the basis of every lie.
  3. Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Now this might at first appear like an odd choice. My in-laws are a very close family and my mother in laws name was Eileen. Nobody really cared that the lyrics were completely inappropriate but during every family function…weddings, birthdays, engagements etc, the song would be requested, the huge family would dance in a circle with Eileen in the centre. We still do…even though she’s been gone for many years it’s a family tradition. No one goes in the middle anymore but it’s our way of including her in our family celebrations and I’m pretty sure the tradition will continue for years to come.
  4. For Your Babies – Simply Red – I loved the album Stars that this song appears on and again, this is another song in the car reminder. This album was playing on the cassette in my car on the way to the hospital to have my first daughter in 1992.
  5. Jerusalem – Music by Sir Hubert Parry, Lyrics from a poem by William Blake. There are two reasons for this one…personal and patriotic. Personally it’s been a family ‘traditional’ song at weddings and funerals…the latter including my Mums and my Grandmothers. Secondly there is not a song I feel better conjures up a spirit of English patriotism that we so often don’t show. It’s not just my family who choose this as a song for those special occasions either. Prince William and Kate Middleton also used this hymn at their wedding.
  6. Wasn’t Expecting That – Jamie Lawson. A fairly new song but the first time I heard it the lyrics made me actually gasp. It’s one of the simplest and most heart-wrenching songs I have ever heard. Even though I know where the lyrics re going it still takes my breath away.

I know there will be lots of you thinking about the songs that make you cry right now and I promise I will do a series of happy songs soon too. If you want cheering up though and retail therapy is your thing I highly recommend a visit to Lost & Found this round. This event is far too easy to miss as it only runs for just over a week so you only have until the 1st February to check it out but it’s soooooo worth it.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – Lara Hurley Maitreya applier and Christy Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes

Tattoo – White Widow – Chocolat **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Hair – Lamb – Without Me

Dress – tres blah – Helena **NEW** at N21

Shoes – – Yara Heels

Credits Decor:

MadPea Ungrounded Wings Easel and Art **NEW** at Lost & Found

MadPea Ungrounded Dreams Decor Shelf **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – La Vintage Lamp **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – La Vintage Pillow Drawer **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – La Vintage Pillow Stack **NEW** at Lost & Found

unKindness – La Vintage Pillow Seat **NEW** at Lost & Found

Ariskea [Nordica]  Hybrid Roses Violet

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revival – Sisal Rugs

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