Chill Out, Cook Out

It’s Friiiiiday!!!! it’s been a long and very hot week here in the UK. I haven’t looked at the forecast for over the weekend but hopefully it will be nice, but not too blazing hot (unless my plans change and I can actually get to a beach over the weekend which is highly doubtful). Anyways, I do still have to get through one more day at work but it’s a shorter day than normal so I will be home by lunchtime. Yay me!!!

If you haven’t been to Summerfest yet…why the hell not??? It’s THE summer event of the year and has amazing brands and creations and DRD pushed the boat out with this massive Rustic Barbecue set which includes this amazing barn and set up. The amount of detail isn’t shown in the photo I’m afraid so I highly recommend that you hop on over to Summerfest and see it for yourself.

Also featured today is a new set from THOR who have teamed up for Uber’s ‘bring a friend’ round where they teamed up with Bad Unicorn. Check out the Bad Unicorn build at Uber and the decor provided by THOR.


*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Barn **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Haystack Pile **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Barn Divider **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Meat Lovers Grill **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Grill Table **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Wheelbarrow **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Empty Table **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Messy Table – Two **NEW** at Summerfest

*DRD – Rustic Barbecue – Lantern **NEW** at Summerfest

*..::THOR::.. Chunky Armchair Ecru **NEW** at Uber

*..::THOR::.. DIY Cooler Chair – Giver **NEW** at Uber

*..::THOR::.. Sphere Paper lamp – white **NEW** at Uber

*..::THOR::.. Apple Wonder Juice – rez **NEW** at Uber

*..::THOR::.. Tangerine Wonder Juice – rez **NEW** at Uber

not so bad . TEXAS . horse saddle

not so bad . TEXAS . bullskull

DaD “Crate Coffee Table light white”

[Con.] Backyard Drive-In – Truck SKY

HPMD* WildGrasses – a

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