Those Special Places

Zedekiah and I are often joking around about how we want to have teleports in real life and how different real life would be if we did. I have another wish…I want to automatically save a scene, or piece of furniture from Second Life and transport it to my real life. I’d certainly want to be doing that with these items from Summerfest from Granola. Of course, if I was going to be able to do that I would like to transfer my SL body and my Sl lifestyle to real life too so I could really live the dream!




*BALACLAVA!! Aquatis Platform **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Beach Umbrella. Navy Pattern. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Beach Blanket. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Pouf. Print1. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Pouf. Navy. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Lantern1. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Lantern2. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Candles. Bamboo1. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Granola. Solana’s Candles. Bamboo2. **NEW** at Summerfest

*Dahlia – Cora’s Summer Champagne – Blackberries – Gold **NEW** at Summerfest

*Dahlia – Cora’s Summer Champagne – Cocktail Mixer – Gold **NEW** at Summerfest

*Dahlia – Cora’s Summer Champagne – Glass Brut – Rez **NEW** at Summerfest

*Dahlia – La Mer – Sandals (wearable) **NEW** at Uber

Skye Windswept Tree Type

:Fanatik Architecture: Rocka

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