Call Me at The Joint

During my last appraisal at work, my manager, who has been my manager for 2 years was shocked when I mentioned anxiety and stress. “But you don’t get stressed” she said…”Well, you don’t LOOK like you get stressed anyways”. I agree, I don’t…I’m able to outwardly keep pretty cool even when my stomach is churning, I’m having palpitations, my hands have gone sweaty and I feel a stress headache building up in my brain. Don’t get me wrong…I love my rl job just as much as I am looking forward to The Bloggies later today. But oh boy am I stressed out *laughs* I had a mini facebook vent yesterday about trying to find a dress and I was finding the whole ‘what am I going to wear’ thing so anxiety-inducing that Artem literally carried out an intervention and made me go through every dress in my inventory until I chose one. He knew it needed to be something off my to-do list and it would help lower my stress level some.
Anyways – we’re almost set for the Gala Evening and I am excited. Last year the atmosphere was fabulous and everyone looked amazing and I am sure tonight will be too. If you’re coming see you there!!!

I took this photo a few days ago featuring new releases from Blueberry and Exile and new poses from Nina Rosario at Pose Fair. All the details below! Have a wonderful weekend!


Head – Lelutka – Bianca

Skin – Glam Affair – Trecy **NEW** at Uber

Shape – My Own

Eyes – Suicidal Unborn

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Top – Blueberry – Maria – Bomber Jackets **NEW** at Mainstore

*Skirt – Blueberry – Maria – Skirts **NEW** at Mainstore

*Hair – Exile – Dusk **NEW** at Vanity Event

*Pose – Nina Rosario – 75 **NEW** at Pose Fair

Location – Voodoo in my Blood

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