My Top 10 – Landscaping & Garden Items

As some of you know from following my blog I have dabbled in the past with youtube videos. I do some videos for third parties and I have also enjoyed recording myself decorating and then speeding it up so people can see an hour (or more) of work come together in just a few minutes.

Some time ago I did a presentation at BVN (Blogger & Vlogger Network) with June Fallon about Home and Garden blogging and decorating and part of what we talked about what core items we used. Every H&G blogger I know has a mental list of items that they go to for creating a scene based on the theme. My favourite items list is long but it struck me that there are a few core items that I use repeatedly and that it might be interesting to some if I shared that list and who I use them.

The idea to do a series of TOP 10 List Videos was born and here is the first one. I would love some feedback on them or share with me any suggestions for other lists you would like to see (related to home and garden decorating and blogging).

You can watch the video here on the blog and if you wish you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates and other video content.



Heart Garden Centre




Nadine Reverie – 3D Trees

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