That Last Ray of Sun

I have to admit most of my thoughts have turned to fall but as soon as I saw this beautiful house build from KraftWork I wanted to make it a beach house….and well, it’s SL, so I could!

This text is taken from the creator’s description on Flickr:

This is a fully furnished building but you can also purchase the house alone or each room decor set individually.

When I say fully furnished, I mean each room has the basic decor items to make the house “habitable”.

You are still able to either add your own decor or completely replace the existing one. Nothing is baked with shadows so, art and lamps or the decor can be either unlinked or deleted/moved around.

Please visit the demo area at Fameshed or at KraftWork (Adult demo) before your purchase.

Adult and PG versions available sold separate.

Footprint 32×37 . 1184 sqm parcel

When rezzing either the house itself or the fully furnished versions, move them (or the rezzer) a bit down, sinking the pillars on the ground and allowing the avatars to move up to the floor level. The pillars were made bigger than the actual need in case you have some sort of terraform underneath, slopes, etc.

If you purchase the ADULT version of the FULLY Furnished house please note that the bedroom on the left has an ADULT bed and the bedroom on the right has a PG bed. That way you have two bed options.

The TV is faux (non scripted) but it is mod so you should be able to add your own scripts in a prim in front of it or, unlink it from the building and use your own.

I’ve used a version of the building that comes with all the items and furniture and it’s honestly just perfection! I tried out the kitchen cooking animations yesterday and they were a lot of fun and very immersive.  I urge you to see the scale and scope for yourself at FaMESHed.


*KraftWork PAZ House – Fully Decorated version **NEW** at FaMESHed

Soy. Reclining Lounger [Green] – A

Skye Sandy Beach kit
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive

Cube Republic Pampas Grass Linkset Group

(Fundati) Opuntia Cactus With Prickly Pear II

Little Branch_Macaw Palm{ Animated}*Mesh
Little Branch_Beach Palm *Quad {Animated}

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