Celebrate Life

We woke up to a different world this week. Whatever happens, however this ends, the world is a different place and what has happened this week will be taught in history lessons forever. I feel for the people of Ukraine. I feel for the people of Russia. I feel for the people in other countries who think they might be next. We are a world recovering from a global pandemic now reeling from a war in Europe.

People we know, who are our friends and contacts on Facebook…some we may even blog for are in the situation of not knowing what their life will be like tomorrow. Be kind. Be kind to everyone. Show compassion. Show understanding…none of us know how we would react if rockets and bombs were raining down on our homes.

I’m grateful that I am not in the situation they are and I feel a bit guilty saying that because, as the saying goes, there but for the grace of God go I. I will appreciate more what matters. The world is putting the little things into perspective.


*Body Skin – VELOUR – Ipanema

Nails – LIVIA:: Cassia Bento Nails (Legacy) **NEW** at The Liaison Collaborative

Rings  – ~~ Ysoral ~~ .: Luxe Wedding Ring Diana

Top – Evani – Dafna Top

Shorts – Evani – Dafna Leggins

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Pose –  WetCat – In My Shoes

Backdrop – MINIMAL – Group Gift January 2020

Kalopsia – Flying Paper

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