Americanos! Blue Jeans and Chinos!


Whenever it comes to titling a blog post song titles are often the first thing I think of. It’s probably because music is such a huge part of my life. I have always been an avid music listener. I was brought up in the 70’s with parents who listened a lot to what I considered ‘old music’ from the 60’s. Isn’t it bizarre that it was only the decade before? I certainly don’t consider music from the ‘noughties’ as old…or even the 90’s.

Our house was full of The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Dave Clark Five and my Mum’s favourite Billy Fury. I listened to original albums on vinyl from Mama’s and Papa’s, Elvis and Simon and Garfunkel. It was an eclectic mix but probably a little on the easy listening side. My love of rock music came later when an Uncle of mine let me loose with his 45’s and I found Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. I was in love from the first riff…admit it…it’s playing in your head right now! It was so different to the music I was raised on and while I still loved that I was now a rock chick without a doubt.

In the 80’s in the UK being a rocker meant being different, which again, appealed to me. All my friends were listening to cheesy 80’s tunes but I was hanging out with my best friends brother who was educating me about AC/DC, Hawkwind, Def Leppard, Judas Priest…*coughs*  amongst other things.

By the early 90’s I was married, had my first mortgage and my first child on the way and Britpop came along and my favourite band and favourite song were born (Champagne Supernova by Oasis). The 90’s gave me some songs that became huge landmarks in my life. The day after my Mum passed away in 1991 we took her car to drive to the funeral directors and as we started the engine the tape in the player kicked in. The last song she had listened to in that car before she parked it…the soundtrack to Beaches was the CD…Wind Beneath My Wings the song (IKR!).  The day my daughter was born in 1992 we drove to the hospital and the radio played ‘For Your Babies’ by Simply Red. I got married in the 90’s too but we had a song from the 70’s as our first dance ‘For the Love of You by The Isley Brothers’.

Music is such a strong bond to memories and loved ones. For me, it can transport me back in time in a way no time machine ever could and I am so glad of that. I like to be reminded of the past, good and bad because everything that happens to us shapes who we are now.


Talking of the past…my blog today is really very retro due to this gloriously grungy Old Americana set from unKindness. The set has been designed specifically for the Garden Gacha which starts on the 1st August and brings us another unusual spin on the traditional gacha. Every 20 spins of a single gacha you receive a ‘Seed of Inspiration’ Prize. No luck required – you get it every 20 spins! It’s like an ultra rare that you know damn well you are gonna get! In this case it’s the super duper Concession stand prop…the big thing with EAT written on it and the ‘now showing’ info on the side.  unKindness have kicked out all the stops on this set 3 RARES, 1 Sees of Inspiration Prize, and 11 commons this is the perfect Saturday night retro set up! I have all those retro tunes spinning through my head as I take these pics!


Grab your Saturday Night at the movies from unKindness at The Gacha Garden from 1st August! Rock n Roll Old Americana Style at it’s best. The Garden Gacha location will be revealed tomorrow but you can visit the unKindness mainstore for more information.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Lelutka Stella

Skin – Lara Hurley – Iza Head appliers and Maitreya Skin Applier

Eyes – IKON – Hope

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears – Season 5

Tattoo – White Widow – Midnight in Paris

Hair – Clawtooth – Fast Lane

Top – Bueno – Zipped Crop Top

Pants – Blueberry – Rolled Cuff Jeans

Necklace and Bracelet – Meva – Spheres on Spheres **NEW LOCATION**

Glasses – Maxi Gossamer – Milano Sunglasses

Shoes – REIGN – Madness Pumps

Cigarette – [NikotiN] Cigarette_Classic (v.4)

uK – Old Americana Ticket Booth RARE **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana Concession Stand – Seed of Inspiration **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana CarPort RARE **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana Movie Screen RARE **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana Tire Rim **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana Seat x 3 colours **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old American Fire Tub **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana Speakers x 3 types **NEW at Gacha Garden**

uK – Old Americana Fence Segment x 3 types **NEW at Gacha Garden**

MadPea – Drive-In Fence

Automania – Hornet Hardtop

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