That Was The Week That Was


Do you ever have one of those weeks that completely escapes you? Where so much happens that you literally feel like you are living from one minute to the next and before you know it 10,080 minutes have passed? The week has been a whirlwind of high points and, because you can’t have yin without yang, some low points. Thankfully the good things have carried me through the week.

I’ve been very involved this week with SL13B and have been hosting a series of interviews in the auditorium with live musicians from across SL and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these. I’ve met some wonderful musicians that I’m not sure I would have found had it not been for this opportunity. I was also honoured to be asked to co-host one of the Meet the Lindens sessions and interview Pete and Xiola Linden.  In addition I was also invited to sit on the other side of the interviewers chair and be interviewed alongside Kiana Writer about the work we do at MadPea Games.

Last night I was on the panel for a fascinating and lively chat about Blogging in Second Life as part of the Meet the Community talks. I was joined by Saffia Widdershins of Designing Worlds and Katya Valeska and Caitlin Tobias of SL Blogger Support.  I have one more interview to do on Sunday 26th June when I’ll be chatting with live musician, and my friend, Tallyesin at 3pm slt in the Auditorium. And then…sleep? Maybe…I hope.


About the Stuff:

I’m sure it won’t suprise people to know I’m a bit of a fusspot about my appearance but when I’m doing these kind of public events I seem to manage to pile a whole heap more pressure on myself. There’s a lot to take into consideration. I’m representing myself, MadPea, SL13B…I want to look professional but like ‘myself’ (not that myself isn’t professional but I’m not much of a suit person in SL). Pants are usually more practical at these things too because frankly, the seating animations leave a lot to be desired. Short skirts are a definite no no. Of course I changed outfits every day too…sometimes more than once if I was doing two interviews. That alone was exhausting! I wanted to share this dress with you from Seul that I wore on the day of the MadPea interview. It’s from Seul and available at Tres Chic until the 10th July in a range of colours and in Maitreya and both Slink sizes. People who know me well will know why I chose this colour…it’s called wine! I went a bit risque on the cleavage but the only person that commented was my friend Tracy who apparently spent most of the interview cammed in on my boobs.

Any week there is new Truth Hair is a gooooood week and this week there was more than one! I’m wearing Loni which is new at The Fantasy Collective. It come in all the usual colour packs and also comes with a cute ears colour change headband.

My pose for these pictures is activated by attaching the [evoLove] clutch bag I’m using from their gacha at Tres Chic too.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa – Jessica

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Estee Catwa Head Applier

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Truth Hair – Loni **NEW** at The Fantasy Collective

Dress – Seul – Ring Midi Dress **NEW** at Tres Chic

Necklace – Yummy – Spring Bud Necklace

*Shoes – – Honey Platforms

*Bag and Pose – [evoLove] Onyx Reptile Pochette RARE **NEW** at Tres Chic

Location – Saint Pete City


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