Music for Love

What do I even write about today with the news that Britain is waking up to? When you went to bed hearing the news that an explosion had rocked a concert in Manchester and there were fatalities. When you wake up to the news that 22 people, some of them children, have already lost their lives and over 50 injured. Can you even write about Second Life with that kind of backdrop to the situation in real life?

This terrible event happened at a music concert, full of young, happy, people enjoying their favourite pop stars visit to the UK. Music for me, and many others, has always been something that brings people together. It does that in real life just as it does in Second Life.  I’m watching the rolling news as I write this and the best of humanity these events bring to the surface is the only silver lining, if there can even be one. People coming out of their homes to provide nourishment and refreshment for the emergency services in attendance, taxi drivers offering lifts to hospital for the walking wounded and members of the public doing the same too. The hashtag #roomsformanchester trending on Twitter as the residents of the city offered beds, sofas and spare rooms to complete strangers that were unable to get home in the immediate aftermath. If hate caused this terrible event then love is the outcome in so many ways.

About the Stuff:

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Location – The Chamber

3 thoughts on “Music for Love

  1. Unreal news to wake up to.
    You realise that every moment we have is truly precious as are the people in our lives.
    I don’t think we will ever understand the madness of these events. Just makes me sad x


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