Fiesta Forever

So, I’m going to follow on today with my story about ‘Commando Karen’ because people have been asking. This is work event mishap number two…

I joined a new company a few years back. Starting work on the Monday I was told it was the company conference that weekend on Friday and Saturday and I was invited. There would be a big party on Saturday night, formal, ballgowns the works! I was excited to go and meet everyone but also aware that all eyes would be on he new girl. I picked out an amazing gown, with a full circle skirt and sequined bodice and decided that whatever happened I was not going to drink…well, to excess. I did NOT want to be that new girl that was the subject of discussion at the breakfast on Sunday morning for her ‘antics’ at the party.

I had one glass of wine with dinner, and one later in the evening and the rest of the evening I drank water. I was so very pleased with myself for my control and willpower as everyone around me became drunker and more raucous.

At the end of the evening a coach shuttled us from the party venue back to the hotel we were all booked into. and I let pretty much everyone get off the coach before me…laughing to myself about how rough they would all be feeling the next day. Collecting my belongings, I walked down the centre aisle of the coach, took two steps down the entrance to the coach…and then it happened…. I caught the front of the skirt of my dress with my foot on the second step…the momentum pulling me forward…and i started to fall, head first, toward the gravel drive of the hotel.  Now, I did judo as a child and my training ‘kicked in’…I instictively wrapped my arm under myself and tucked in my head…effectively commando rolling off the coach in my ball gown with 40 or so my new colleagues looking on!

Yes it hurt, but you know when you are so embarrassed the pain doesn’t matter – you just need to run away. Yes, it was like that. And, when I went for breakfast in the morning…guess what they were all talking about. The moral of the story…have a bloody drink if you want, you can still make a tit of yourself sober!



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