Workplace Mishaps – Who not to stand near at a drinks party!

I was wondering what to write today and a friend literally just minutes ago told me about an accident she had with a bottle of sparkling water at her desk and it reminded me of something that happened to me once.

I am prone to having mishaps at work functions. I will one day tell you about the reason I was nicknamed ‘Commando Karen’ by one of my colleagues…and it’s probably not what you think. But, the bottle of water story reminded me of a work party I attended a few years ago. I had bought a long silk shirt dress to wear for the evening and I arrived at the event around 7.30pm to find that my manager, who had gone straight from work, was already a little worse for wear and drawing an audience as he regaled people with funny stories. I took a glass of wine from a waiter and stood opposite my manager as he talked…becoming more and more animated as he talked.  I’d only been stood there a few minutes when his hand movement hit the bottom of my full glass of red wine and threw the entire contents down the front of my dress.  I swear it happened it slow motion. One of my coworkers who had looked on in horror suggested going to the restrooms and rinsing off the dress as quickly as possible. She pointed out that it was thin, silk material and would dry quickly under the hand dryer.

So, off we ran to the ladies room and i lifted the whole of the front of the dress, leant into the sink and turned on the tap…splashing water over the complete dress, top to bottom. At this point, holding the dress at the hem I turned toward the hand dryer, ready to dry and….


they only had paper towels….


So now I’m stood in a completely soaking wet dress with no way to dry it and dinner about to start.  The long and short was I had to go home, I missed the dinner and the dress ended up in the bin.

Now, all of this has absolutely no bearing on my photo for today apart from the fact that this scene looks so sunny I’m fairly sure that dress would have dried out quite quickly in the blazing heat.


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