Tree With a View

Thankfully the week is flying by as it’s a short work week in real life and Second Life is super busy, which is how I like it. I keep my circle very small in SL…yes, I know a lot of people but the list of people I trust can be counted on one hand and still have a couple of fingers to spare.  Just a couple of days ago I shared some news with them that I had kept to myself for the best part of ten days. My reasons for not saying anything were varied…shame, embarrassment, pain I needed to process myself first before talking about it, lots of reasons…it certainly wasn’t because I didn’t trust them. That’s why I am lucky to have the friends that I have…they realise that each of our stories are exactly that…our story to tell, when we want to tell them and in the way we want to tell them. They don’t get upset if we haven’t shared some important piece of information when they feel we should have. They know that the right time to share it is when we’re ready to.


*Ariskea [The Versels] Treehouse [Summer] **NEW** at Uber 

tarte. chloe canopy bed

*hive // ranger rick’s office RARE

*hive // ranger rick’s truck RARE

*hive // leaning oars

*hive // cozy logs

*hive // hiking sign

*hive // camp area sign

*hive // wildlife view sign

*hive// campfire

*hive // red canoe

NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Blue

dust bunny. dreamy outing. essentials bag

dust bunny. dreamy outing. pillow pile. colourful. adult

dust bunny. dreamy outing. picnic basket. natural

dust bunny. dreamy outing. blanket basket

dust bunny. dreamy outing. cooler

dust bunny. dreamy outing. croissant sandwiches

dust bunny. dreamy outing. fruit board

dust bunny. dreamy outing. net candle. gold

dust bunny. diy rose tea. gift

dust bunny. summer picnic. ukulele classic

!gO! GardenParty – blanket RARE 2

HPMD* Dirt Road – light brown

Little Branch Animated Conifer

HPMD* Cliff Hill – autumn B

*alirium* Dwarf Forest [OldGold]

*alirium* Itchy Grass [Gold]

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