SL Calendar Girls – March 2020

Welcome SL Calendar Girls March 2020 selection. As always the creativity of the community astounds me and make this job tougher and tougher each month. It’s also awesome to see so many of the people whose work I admire now adding to the group. Long may it continue!

A lot has changed in the world in the last month. SL is an escape for so many of us and even more so now. I hope everyone is staying safe, staying at home where they can. I know many of the contributors to the group are healthcare or other keyworkers in real life and I pray and keep them all in my thoughts as we move into the next month.

Each month I choose my favourite pictures that have been added to the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group throughout the month and again, at the end of the year I will again choose one image from each month to represent a ‘calendar’ of 2020 photographs. I can’t stress enough that these are my personal choices not based on photoshop skills or composition necessarily. It can be anything that makes a photo jump out of me. I am still looking at thousands of photos a month now and these are the ones that leap out at me when I go through, that make me do a double-take and stop and take in the image.

As always the selection is a mix of ‘regular’ outstanding artists and some new favourites to the list.

Here is the March 2020 selection:

What am I doing wrong by Rowan Elise

What am I doing wrong

Hairbrush Diva by Airi Soulstar

"Hairbrush Diva"...Airi

Si por mi fuera by MartaIGOTIT

Si por mi fuera...

Huele a aire de Primavera… by Anuska Loon

Huele a aire de Primavera...

travelling to a new world by Katya mhia

traveling to a new world

114 by Splend0r


if you light a lamp by calypso cadell

... if you light a lamp ...

Vision of Love by Elise Kenzo

Vision Of Love . . .

Wish for the end by LISA

Wish for the end

Sinking by Eripom Moonwall


Tomorrow by Clarrissa

T o m o r r o w

silent melody by .Vivilicous.

.silent melody.

When you look at me with those eyes by Mavi Beck

When you look at me with those eyes

Perfect symmetry by A Frith

Perfect symmetry...

In helping others… by Ara

In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us

Tainy by Nannja Panana


untitled by Cataleya


untitled by Anto Haiku

Sensuality never takes a day off by Hara

Sensuality never takes a day off

Light and Glow by Bella Kane

Light and Glow

Cherry Bath by Lightrona

cherry bath

indefinitely by edenlovely

i n d e f i n i t e l y

The world stopped… by Skip Staheli

BG~The world stopped, but the view is still there

Goliath by Yaska

Goliath ♥

The name of life by Pandora Ethaniel

-The Name Of Life-

1294 by Liah’s Wardrobe


378 by Catherine Nikolaidis

.378. ♥

1075 by Bree Coy

Look 1075♥

Let’s seal the deal by Hye Min

protection by COCKAIGNE

[   p r o t e c t i o n    ]

Can you hear me by Anais Maelle

Can You Hear Me..

The most important thing… by Any Moonwall

"The most important thing is to feel, to feel that we are still alive..."

Girlboss Cafe by Grace

Girlboss Cafe ☕

Let’s take our hearts… by North

Lets take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees....

The Road is long… by Lake Solee

"The Road is Long, We Carry On"

La esperanza le pertenece a la vida, by Aradhelia Diavolo

La esperanza le pertenece a la vida, es la vida misma defendiéndose.

Wicked Games by Ric Applewhyte

[Pile Up] Wicked Games

My race does not define me by Sungyoung Holloway-Zhao

My race does not define me...

Late at night… by Luna Morineaux-Song

Late at night, I think I can hear the stars scraping against the sky

Peace of Mind by Serenaelia Villiers

Peace of Mind

Rocky Road by Leanne Mordue

Rocky road

Daylight by EXIS


I follow you… by Raylla Foxdale

I follow you deep sea baby 😘💙

Maru by Valenska Voljeti

Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 5 - [ Valenska Voljeti

Who are you… by Ainna Berg

❱❱❱︱LOTD .752.︱Who Are You When I'm Not Looking

Hard to Forget by Tarja Haven

Hard To Forget

Boring Wash by Mira

ʙᴏʀɪɴɢ ᴡᴀꜱʜ

One Year Older by NinnaDazy

One year older ♥

Lionne by Lou Shadow


From the corner of my eye by Claudia Orsini

from the corner of my eye.

1071 by Bree Coy

Look 1071♥

It’s a quarter after… by Ryleigh Theas

It's A Quarter After One

I am all you’ve… by Kira Balestra

I am all you've ever slain

289 by Juliette M


give it…please? by Slaaaaa Tenk

give it... please?

My Portrait by Nouvelle

My Portrait...

Wildflower by Shocking Wonder


all I need is to feel you by Savannah Mohegan

all I need is to feel you.

A Different Age by Annan Adored

Not perfect at all… by Bambi

Not perfect at all, continuously trips, skins knee, gets up limping

莲花 by Apple


438 by Pineapple


Morning reading by Lidsa

ᵐ ᵒ ʳ ᶰ ᶤ ᶰ ᵍ   ʳ ᵉ ᵃ ᵈ ᶤ ᶰ ᵍ

untitled by SpajkiE HankS

♥New Post♥ MonCheri // Amitié

No Time to Die by Be PurPur


untitled by Mia


Way Down We Go by Katrin0 HeaveN

Way Down We Go

Out of the Ashes I Rise by Teej

Out of the ashes I rise

Circles Around You by Chicken Nugget

ᴄɪʀᴄʟᴇs ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜ

Genus Strange by Lila Yheng

Genus Strange ♥ Totally in love

120 by Leggy


Haven Bedroom Stories by Skip Staheli


first breath of Spring by Everlina Kindred

first breath of spring

untitled by Ella Pavlona


inFECKt’d by Madison RR Bugaatti Salmson


Me Time by Kynne Llewellyn

Me Time

shadows by Morgan Monroe

[ shadows ] 💋

Adrenalize Me by Jayce T Wilde

Adrenalize me.

untitled by Jersey Darkfire


078 by Lily

Lily's Diary ♥ 078

Country Joy by Pickle

Country joy.

Alegria by Sorcha Tyles


untitled by Lan


May a happy spring come by Marino Sandalwood

May a happy spring come...

I pull you into… by A Frith

I pull you in to feel your heartbeat...

Glow by Anais Maelle


Golden by Hara


days gone by by Yuki -onna

Spoiled by Luna Del Rey


Wake Me Up by Marion3tte

Wake Me Up

Floral Flowers by Magician XIII

Floral Flowers

But she looked so hard… by Anaya Oneiro

But she looked so hard at me, that something... Took back everything I said

Broken Mirror by Mogovtle Karnstein


2067 by Bella Diaz

● 2067

Let’s be friends by Euryvale

Let's be friends

In my mind by Lisa Holloway

In my mind...

Sorry bout me by Chickadee

Worry Bout Me

560 by Dolceluna Myoo


I should be numb… by Synnergy

I should be numb to these emotions

Still Waiting by Sweet Savi Sorrow

Still Waiting

untitled by pipsqueakbitterbean


(Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay by ADI

(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

Roses and Tulips by Noah Kim

➳ M O O D #013 - Roses & Tulips

flame you won’t forget by Terr Jedda


Stay close to those… by Geena Carminucci

Stay close to those who feel like sunshine.

Tell me all your problems… by Minnie Fae

Tell me all your problems, make them mine

Thera by Talija


Change Pace by Ada

Change Pace...

Meet me on the battlefield by Teej

"Meet me on the Battlefield"

never stop dreaming by Vivilicous

.never stop dreaming.

691 by Blizzard


I think he likes the pain in my eyes by Sally Smashes

i think he likes the pain in my eyes

Warwick avenue by Bunny

warwick avenue

The night has called us by Imperia Novak

The night has called us.

Bridge by Anuska Loon


Erase and Rewind by Effy Leigh

Erase and rewind

blind love by Julianna Cane

[.blind love.]

untitled by Attilies Tigerpaw

Genus Project - Classic Face W002

Your Biggest Mistake by Adam Lavell

Your Biggest Mistake - #AdamsPhotoChallenge Creator of SL

Jule and Noa by Sofie Janic

Jule and Noa

I just want to escape by Pati UgllyDuckling

i just want to escape

untitled by COC0NUT


garden of peace by Ni Avril

"garden of peace"

1562 by Sophieso demonia

# ♥1562

Washerwoman by Adriene Silva

Doggy Sitting by GABS

Doggy sitting!

Everybody search for the light of wings by Kira Balestra

Everybody search for the light of wings

Un Cafe by Purple Leonis

Touch the stars… .by Euryale

Touch the stars and touch the sky, but still they won't compare to me

untitled by Cataleya


Forget the rules by Megan Skarsgard

Forget the rules.

Love in the wind by Persephone Kore


Lula by Halim


Unrevealed by Xinni Somwan


baby girl, remind me by Viv

. baby girl, remind me .

untitled by Frau Muller


367 by Catherine Nikolaidis

.367. ♥

Be Brave by Sheila Breen

Be brave

261 by Callie Oh

LOTD 261 Lake

306 by Alegria

- 306 -

Under the Pressure by Rowan Elise

Under The Pressure

happiness is a butterfly by Arol Lightfoot

happiness is a butterfly ..

best friends by vivilicous

.best friends.

Would you like to walk… by Kimmy Littleboots

Would you like to walk side by side?

lay by me by Claudia Orsini

lay by me.

I wanna feel good vibes by Morgaine Blackrain

I wanna feel good vibes.

delivery team by Suzu

delivery team

Keep trying for you by Odera Boone

in sleepless night… by ChimKami

In sleepless night with my nightmares only my dreams fall asleep

Tomorrow World by Kitty Von Cat

Look 1173 - Tomorrow World

Spring Morning by Amberly

Spring Morning 🌹

Paris by Bell Sophie


Thirsty by Eripom Moonwall


banana concept by Suzu

the new me you created by Frost Elisa Bathory

the new me you created

755 by Tomomi Homewood


This will be your world by Ary McAuley

This Will Be Your World

Dasiy Chain by Sharna

Dasiy Chain

Cycling on by Purr Foxclaw

Cycling on...

66 by Dolce Lavarock

L㊉㊉Ҟ✿ 66

Altro giorno a Venezia! by EXIS

Altro giorno a Venezia!

Client work by Fase Nites

Client work - heymaryjean on Instagram for inspo credits

Big City Nights by The Hendes

Big city nights...

untitled by Bridget G


Under your influence by Geena Carminucci

Under your influence.

winds of Change by Ni Avril

Ballooons and Dreams by A Frith

I need to sleep by Lindalindalein mayo


Sleeping Beauty by Quistis Shippe

♥ Sleeping Beauty

Cryo by Blu Moonwall

untitled by Aimee Cristole


untitled by ɒʞiɿƎ .H

Don’t call me yours by Lana Westbrook

Bye for Meow by Gabriel Montagne & Dominae Desmoulins

"Bye for Meow!"

Your mind is an ocean… by Snow Chocobo

Your mind is an ocean of dead dreams...

untitled by Xana Newall

The Rusty Nail, Solace by Foxi McCalister

The Rusty Nail, Solace

I love you on the weekends by Janeen Arliss

I love you on the weekends.

Fragility by Shocking Wonder


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