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What a weekend!  Well, what a last 4 or 5 days to be honest. I am not easy to surprise. Very few can pull it off but Mr M managed a double surprise recently. On Wednesday Mr M mentioned that he would like to find somewhere to go camping and it sounded like fun. He was all up for finding somewhere and just told me to make sure I looked the part for the next day.  So I put on an outfit and waited for Mr Mr to log in on Thursday and we did a ‘going on vacation’ photo at home before he tp’d me to a location.

Well, imagine my surprise, when the location was a beautifully landscaped and decorated half sim that he had rented and decorated with the help of his SL daughter Lala! It’s a wildlife camping trip with all the fires, tents, sleeping bags, an RV, games, fishing – the works. The rest of the sim is hiking trails, rivers, lakes, boats, picnic areas. It’s so beautifully done and I was gobsmacked by it. We’ve got it for a week and are continuing to RP holiday there and it’s where I took my photo for the blog post today.

But apparently, that wasn’t surprising enough. Later in the day, he took me up to the highest part of the sim for a picnic and he’d set up some Northern Lights for the view which were gorgeous. I was camming the lights when he said my name and when I turned to look at him he was on one knee, and, well, I won’t tell you exactly what he said but I will tell you that I said YESSSSS! So, it’s official…I’m now the future Mrs M!

Mac and I were talking earlier about how I don’t talk about him an awful lot on the blog. We do tend to keep the details of our relationship fairly private and I haven’t felt the need to put it on display. It’s a very genuine relationship and I haven’t wanted to harm that in any way by making too much of it public. Nearly 9 months after he came into my life I’m still enjoying every moment and I couldn’t be more excited about our future together.  He has lifted me up in so many ways, rl and so, and fills me with so much confidence. I love him and I love us, for everything we already are and everything we will be.

What I am blogging today:
I was so excited when I realised that Blueberry was rigging for the new Legacy Perky! The latest release is a collaboration with Reign who produced the boots and socks to go with this Ride or Die set. I love the wrap-around flannel and the option to remove the collar on the top but I especially love the rig for perky!


*Head – LeLutka – Lake **NEW** at The Skin Fair

*Skin & Freckles  – Glam Affair – Iris **NEW** at Mainstore

Septum Piercing – [ kunst ] – Basil Septum

*Top – Blueberry – Ride or Die – Tops **NEW** at Mainstore

*Shorts – Blueberry – Ride or Die – Shorts

*Flannel – Blueberry – Ride or Die – Tied Flannel

*Socks – REIGN. – RIDE OR DIE Socks

*Hair – Stealthic – Penance **NEW** at Mainstore

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