Clouds Across the Moon

Do you ever buy something and be like “I know I don’t need it but one day I’ll remember I have it and will want to use it?” knowing full well, that 99% of the time you won’t even remember you had it?

Last week during The Outlet Live I bought this Tamabondi from Bondi because it was adorable and half price and duly unpacked it and put it in my inventory, making a mental note to use it at some point. There is a lot of stuff in my inventory that I have put there making a mental note to use….never for it to be seen again.

Then, a few days ago, I was perusing the Belleza Gen X event on Seraphim (really good website… I highly recommend it 😛 ) and saw the Dead Doll release for the event and immediately thought how perfect the Tamabondi would go with it! So here it is! I had this whole Jetsons thing going on in my head alongside a really cheesy song from the 80s by The Rah Band.


*Head – LeLutka – EVO X  Avalon

*Skin – [Glam Affair] – Dasha **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

Eyes – Avi Glam – Delirium Eyes

Glasses – BONDI . Brown Glasses

*Body Skin – VELOUR

*Hair – WINGS – ER0505

*Dress & Gloves – Dead Doll – Maree Dress & Gloves **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

Boots – MIWAS / Rocket Boots

Pose – Lyrium – Amber

Wearable – BONDI . Tamabondi Drone **Half Price** at The Outlet

Hideki – Robot Lamp V2

NOMAD // Retro Space Game // Yellow

*KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 The Retro 747 Upper Deck

2 thoughts on “Clouds Across the Moon

  1. Thx for reminding me on Clouds Across the Moon, totally forgot that guilty pleasure song. As a hardened rock, dub and krautrock fan I’d never officially listen to such poppy shit. But that song is sooo effective, the line “I’ll try again … next year”, brought a little tear to my eyes, today as well as it did back then.

    This stays between us, ok? If you ever tell anyone I’ll have to kill you. 🙂


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