She’s a Perfect 10 (But She Wears a 12)

I know! I feel the same….more bodies? Surely not? Isn’t the body market saturated already? What about the poor designers having to rig for these bodies? I have asked myself all of the same questions and thought the same things as nearly everyone else.

And then…I tried on the new Belleza Curvy and my little inner mesh body heart skipped a beat cause I really flippin’ liked it! My body of choice until now has been Legacy Perky. I like to be curvier lower half and smaller top half and I was able to achieve that with the Perky. My frustration with some other curvier bodies was I was unable to get the overall shape I was looking for without the butt being too high, too wide or too protruding.  I found the shape far more achievable with the Belleza Curvy.

Things I really loved about the body, aside from the shape were the custom feet texture options and the Glam Affair skin I am wearing shows the benefit of the Gen X texture options so well with far more realistic toes and skin on the feet. I also like the fact that like the Kalhene body, Belleza Gen X comes with working genitalia, no more female ken doll looks!

There are two new bodies, Regular and Curvy. If you previously liked Isis, or currently wear Maitreya will probably prefer this one. Curvy will suit anyone that previously worse Freya or currently wear Reborn Ebody.

The Gen X event has a huge range of clothing, skins, accessories etc for the new bodies and it’s well worth checking out, even if you don’t intend to get the body as the items aren’t JUST for Belleza but as with other events they are rigged for most popular bodies.

As Maria said in her post this is NOT an update. It’s a completely new, from scratch body with a completely different map and rig so please do not expect to get an update of their classic bodies to this product. I would also expect to see designer support for the previous classic bodies reduce as people move over to the new Belleza bodies.

In terms of shoppers I am expecting to see designers have to make some tough decisions over the next few months regarding which bodies they support and it will be based, quite rightly, on the demands of their customers and their target customer audience. As consumers we’ll see  more designers move to selling their items by body instead of by colour (I really like this option for numerous reasons). This enables designers to gauge more accurately which rigs/bodies their customers want and invest the time in making items that will sell for a return in their time investment. It will be a big change in mindset for designers and customers alike but it is now impossible to expect designers to rig for every body available. Especially as there are still more bodies in the pipeline, including the SL mesh starter body.


*Head – LeLutka – EVO X  Avalon

*Body – Belleza – Gen.X Curvy **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

*Face Skin – [Glam Affair] – Dasha **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

*Body Skin – – [Glam Affair] – Belleza Gen X Body Skin **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

*Eyes – Avi Glam – Delirium Eyes

*Hair –  Tableau Vivant – BunB*tch

*Underwear – Miss Chelsea – Anna Bra and Panties **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

*Rings – KUNGLERS – Gwen rings **NEW** at Belleza Gen X Event

Pose & Backdrop – Amitie Nature , Pose Edited **Half Price at The Outlet

[Rezz Room] Cheetah Adult Animesh (Companion)

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