Dream Catch Me

ww 1

I have always thought that song by Newton Faulkner is the perfect Second Life anthem, especially these lyrics

“There’s a place I go
When I’m alone
Do anything I want
Be anyone I wanna be”

I am living the dream in SL right now I have three fulfilling roles and it’s with both my MadPea and !Exodus! heads on that I go into this weekend full of excitement and happiness tinged with a few nerves and a large dose of stress!

For several weeks now I have been organising the MadPea Celebrity Auction from the initial theme and build to getting Celebrities on board to these last few frantic days of pulling it all together so the weekend goes smoothly and reaches it’s goal. The stress is something I put on myself. REAL LIVES are at stake here. Ok, that sounds dramatic, no one is going to die if there’s a few hiccups but this event matters! It really, really bloody matters to the lives of the children we are raising funds for. As Canary Beck said in her post on the subject yesterday:

This is a charity I can get behind. They’re doing grass-roots work, focused on real, action-oriented, fundamental human rights: like a nutritious meal in your belly, and a place to learn how to become a productive member of society.

 These children want to learn but don’t have the opportunities that we all take for granted to do so. The impact of education will change the lives of these children forever and shape future generations in their village. I’m deeply passionate about this event and the potential impact of the L$ we raise this weekend. Please come along to !Exodus! Rock Club this weekend and bid on some well known residents, enjoy the entertainment and learn more about Live and Learn in Kenya. Come and make a difference you will thank yourself for it and so will the children.


Body – Maitreya Lara

Tattoo – White Widow – Dreamcatcher **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Nana

Pose – Posesion

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