Choosing Wisely

The problem with knowing if you made the right decision about something is that you never know until it’s too late. Whatever you did either succeeds or fails. Now, failure isn’t always a bad thing…we learn from failures sometimes even more so than from the successes in life.

Entrepreneurial Flair

My boss at MadPea…the Queen Pea Kiana Writer and my ex boss in real life are very similar people in their approach to trying new ideas, products and processes. The key character trait they both share, and is evident in many entrepreneurs, is an apparent lack of fear of failure. In fact, many expect not everything to work but if they believe in something they will put 100% into it in the hope of success. Now I’m sure they have both had their share of sleepless nights worrying about the status of projects and wondering how they turn out but I’ve never known it stop either of them in pushing forward. Neither of them is scared to look at a project and pull it if it’s not working either as long as things have been learned.

We tried it…it didn’t work. These parts did work, these parts didn’t work. Let’s learn and move on

Making wise choices

Hindsight is a wonderful thing in any life and it’s easy to criticise when things don’t go to plan but all you can do is look at the information you have to hand and based on your experience and knowledge, and sometimes the skills of an assembled team, make decisions you hope are sound.

Exactly the same principles can, and should, be used when making personal decisions. Though, this is when that stupid heart thing becomes involved and messes everything up usually.  Trying to never regret a choice is hard because if we’ve lost something or something, or been hurt by the actions of someone you chose to be with it’s terribly difficult to deal with. If you regret then you are in someway blaming yourself…and if you were hurt by someone’s unacceptable behaviour then that’s not your fault. Learn from the process you went through.


We make choices every day from what to wear, where to go, who to communicate with and who to allow into our lives. As regular readers and friends know I have made mistakes and errors in judgement in the past…mistakes that resulted in emotional scars that are still healing. Do I regret the decisions I made? No. I have learned too much to say I wish it never happened.


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