We Were Fated to Pretend


It is a fact that SL works on cat years. You think you’ve only been logged in for an hour and when you look at the clock it’s 3am and you realise you been on a skype call for 17 hours with your ‘people’.  Being a Brit I often have to go to bed when the party is really just getting started for my US friends and it’s those times that you realise just how much timezone differences suck. I’m not alone in being happy that the US clocks change two weeks earlier than GMT twice a year because for those few weeks the time difference is an hour less and us Brits and Euros feel that little bit closer to our friends on the other side of the pond.

Another week to go until the time status quo is equalised and I for one will be revelling in it.


junk. vintage stretcher seat.

unKindness – Chic Wall Clock**NEW** at Tres Chic

Fancy Decor: Slat Table

Ariskea [Nordica]  Hybrid Roses Violet

{anc} flottante puppy

ROOST – New Port BBQ with Wall for Large house

Ariskea [Nordica]  Crate of Roses

-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Gacha)


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