There But for the Grace of God Go I


It’s a sad fact that there is probably not one single person reading this that hasn’t been affected in some way by cancer. Be it  ourselves, a friend, family member or partner all of us will have been touched by cancer at some point in our lives. If you haven’t been then you are a very lucky person indeed.  It doesn’t discriminate and any of us could or have been affected. The good news is that treatments in our current age mean that cancer is no longer the automatic death sentence that it used to be….even just a few years ago. My own mother started her battle with cancer at the age of 36, after a short period in remission secondary cancer took her far too early at the age of 42. That was 24 years ago and the fact is that there is a much stronger chance she would still be with us now due to the remarkable advancements in medical science.

The Book of Daniel is an event in SL aimed at raising money for Daniel Estro the co-owner of Zerkalo. Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads. All the items at the event are a minimum of 50% off but the majority that I saw were 100% donation items. I can’t explain the situation with Daniel any better than the information on the SL event information on Facebook. So:

Our dear friend Daniel Estro, 29 years old, (co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads) has cancer and desperately needs our help. The fight for his life began when doctors discovered a malignant tumor in his brain, about 7 centimeters in diameter. Daniel underwent life-threatening surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery went well. However, several weeks later what was left of the tumor spread throughout his brain and started affecting his brain function.. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. He is fighting as hard as he can to survive but as many of you might know, fighting cancer is very expensive.

The generosity of SL residents when they band together for a common good always astounds me…from the organisers of the event, to the designers and creators producing items through to everyone who goes along and buys something. You are all making a difference and it’s exactly these type of examples we should be shouting about whenever we hear negativity about SL from friends or the media. Second Life is a place to be proud of.

About the Stuff:

The dress from United Colours is a 100% donation item and comes in a range of colours and in fits for Belleza Freya and Isis, both Slink bodies and Maitreya lara (worn).  The metallic look dress is truly stunning, back and front views, and I think it would work for some roleplay themed outfit or equally as well for a disco/party girl look.  The hair is a full release from [elikatira] for the event and comes in the glorious colour palette we expect from [elikatira].

Lastly, my pose is also from the event from an lar poses. It’s part of a set that can be bought as a set or individual poses and the thing I always love is that the poses from this store always work so well with my mesh bodies – even my curvier ones!


Head – Catwa – Destiny

Skin – The Skinnery Maitreya applier and Werra  Catwa Head Applier **NEW** at Shiny Shabby

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Natural Lashes

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

*Hair – Elikatira – Dinah **NEW** at The Book of Daniel

*Dress – United Colors – Cluster Dress **NEW** at The Book of Daniel

*Bracelets – MINIMAL – Valeska **NEW** at Uber

Rings – Mandala – Sinra Season 2

Balloons – Apple Fall **NEW** at The Book of Daniel

Pose – an lar – The Vanessa Series **NEW** at The Book of Daniel

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