TaKe Heart Sim Awakens


It’s finally time to awaken the dream and open TaKe Heart! We have worked tirelessly this week to get the sim ready for the opening and we can but hope that you enjoy the space as much as we do.

TaKe Heart is owned by me and one of my closest and dearest friends Spazz Tackett. We have talked for a while about having a sim. He knew how much my old sim, Less Than Three meant to me and I was heartbroken when I had to give up on that dream.


This dream would not have been possible without his support but also without the talents of another of my nearest and dearest, Sadystika Sabretooth who did the vast majority of the landscaping and design for me. I have always loved the areas she has created in SL so there was no one else I was going to ask to help me bring this to fruition. She has a stunning eye and an inventory packed full of the most amazing products and together we have pulled TaKe Heart into shape in just over a week. She really pulled out all the stops and took on board everything I wanted and just made it happen. I’d log in most days to wonderful new surprises on the sim!


The sim is designed as a photogenic sim and there’s rez rights with the free to join group tag and lots of spots around the sim to hangout with friends or take photographs. The sim features a gallery where I asked some of my friends who have inspired me the most over the years to contribute one photograph or artwork to display and there’s also a free group gift available in the gallery provided to us by the amazingly generous Jake Vordun of Fancy Decor.


Please feel free to stop by and spend some time and we’d love to see lots of photos of the sim in the Flickr Group.


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