If You Could Read Me Like a Book


I was wondering today what the cover of the book of my life would look like. They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but as someone who spent a few years working in book publishing sales and marketing I know just how important the cover of a book is to grabbing the attention of potential readers. The simple fact is that while the phrase makes perfect sense when it comes to books we often do judge whether to pick it up and start flicking through the pages by how it looks on the outside. It’s also how so many people treat others in Second Life…judging them by the look of their avatar without knowing the person behind the avatar at all, or, the troubles and issues that person maybe facing in real life. I’m a big fan of the The Voice Uk and every Saturday I watch it while in a chat with my gay Corban as we whine and bitch about the decisions of the coaches but of course, we can see the people and we’ve also seen the VT at the start and know their story. The coaches don’t have that luxury during the blind audition phase of the programme and that’s the beauty and drama of the show. I wonder which of us is making the better informed decision?


dust bunny . flutter skybox

Apple Fall Milton Curtains

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JIAN Beagle Pup November 2016 Luxe Box

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Fancy Decor: Postcard Bundle

.:revival:. sisal rug

not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . art work . edition 1

not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . art work . edition 4

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