Retreat in Peace

It’s been ironic that while building this set it’s been absolutely tipping down in the UK as we’ve had two days of almost constant rain…and there’s been nothing tropical about it.  There’s been a few ironies in Second Life I’ve observed over the last few days too…and not the ‘fly in chardonnay’ type….that’s just crappy luck not irony!

We’ve talked a lot in the founders team of the Blogger and Vlogger Network about etiquette. It’s something we’ve wanted to do talks on but when you start to think about what that includes it’s a massive subject and it can also be quite subjective. There so seem to be a few areas where the majority of bloggers and managers agree on non-acceptable behaviour but there are also a lot of grey areas, much like the skies over my part of the UK the last few days.  Is etiquette for blogging just having common sense and good manners? If someone hasn’t been dragged up with good manners it’s a bit too late to start teaching them by the time they are active in Second Life and if they have no common sense…is that teachable?

Examples are always good learning tools and I often intend to make a note of specific ones, like one I have seen on Facebook this morning. A blogger who, instead of congratulating someone else has decided to throw her toys out that she didn’t win a contest…claiming it to be because of popularity. A cursory glance at the winning photo and the complainers photos should be proof enough for anyone that this is not the case.  Why her friends are not pulling her to one side and telling her she’s making a fool of herself I have no idea…hell, I know mine would. But, this brings me to another thing about etiquette in the blogging world…after common sense and good manners…being humble. Not just pretending to be…actually look at the talent around you and understand realistically where you are and aim to improve.  We all have room for improvement! Don’t do yourself down, believe in yourself but believe in the track that’s going to make you better. Being humble isn’t about doing yourself a disservice and underestimating your abilities. To me it’s about embracing my weaknesses as well as my strengths and finding way to overcome the former and continuously improve the latter.


Ariskea [Namaste] Hut RARE **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea [Namaste] Massage Table **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea[Namaste] Yoga Rug [With 5 Poses] **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea[Namaste] Water Lily Lotus **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea [Namaste] Incense **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea [Namaste] Curtain **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea [Namaste] Bamboo Chimes **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea [Namaste] Gong {Touch Sound} **NEW** at The Arcade

Ariskea [Namaste] Floor Lamp **NEW** at The Arcade

[Merak] – Flower Bouquet **NEW** at Tres Chic

[Merak] – Adventure Globe **NEW** at Tres Chic


~BAZAR~Morocco-Fire table

~BAZAR~Morocco-Side table


~BAZAR~Morocco-Tea set

~BAZAR~Morocco-Potted plant



~BAZAR~Morocco-Candle lamp

~BAZAR~Morocco-Chandelier (gold)


Soy. Potted Cactus Opuntia [Lsize]

Soy. Sandbag Cuctas

Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Lsize]

Skye Alligator Apple Bush

Skye Zingiberaceae

Skye Triple Palm

Apple Fall Violet Glass Bottles

HPMD* Lamp bottle

LISP – Serenity Spring Towels

DaD DESIGN “Double Roman Swimming Pool”

DaD DESIGN “Cluster Palm Trees mod.01”

Heart Botanicals – Water lily pads –

Heart Botanicals – Tropical Plant Cluster and Rocks

Heart Botanicals – Tropical Yucca-Cluster

3 thoughts on “Retreat in Peace

  1. Well said, Kess! There’s always a chance to learn new things and improve the pictures. And as for the rain… crumbs this is June you Weather Gods – *glares at the skies above*

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