I’ve realised over the last few weeks and months that changing a mindset that you’ve been in and feel entrenched in is really hard. Especially if you’re stubborn…and I can be stubborn about some things. I’m used to having to only think about myself and not consider other people in the decisions that affect me.  I’ve been able to be selfish with my own time and what I do with it. I’ve always been independent, from my times owning a club in Second Life, and even more so now as I’ve stayed to myself and avoided any kind of SL relationships for the best part of two years.

Now I’m trying. I fail a lot too but I am trying to be more thoughtful and considerate. I just hadn’t realised how much only thinking about myself was engrained in my psyche.  My first ‘reaction’ to any given situation is still usually ‘is this what I want?’, ‘how does this affect me?’ ‘do I want this?’ and now I’m trying to add further questions on to that in consideration of someone else and it sounds so easy to do but after this long it really isn’t.

I still want to be independent but I want to be less selfish. I’m not there yet. I’m gonna continue to fail at getting it right for a while but I guess one of the first steps in addressing an issue is realising that you have the issue.



Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

Skin – Glam Affair Milena

Hands – Maitreya Bento Hands

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Eyes – IKON – Sovereign Eyes

Hair – Besom~Kami **NEW** at Kawaii Project

Legwarmers – Blueberry – Tinker Set

*Outfit – Scandalize – Sweet Fur **NEW** at Cosmopolitan

Rings – Zaara – Siya Stacked Rings

Pose – Bossie – Kawaii poses **NEW** at Kawaii Project

Background – Mesh India Dual Background **NEW** at LIMIT8

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