I Ain’t No Elsa…or am I?

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about forgiveness. It’s something I’ve talked a lot with Sady about in the past and Zedekiah and I were also talking about it just a few days ago after the subject of anger and fear came up during a tv programme. I am the first to admit that I’m not very good at forgiveness. I could break a few world records for holding a grudge. That’s not to say I go out of my way to affect that person or their life…far from it, they literally cease to exist for me. I understand the view, held by both Zedekiah and Sady, that you forgive others for your own benefit, not theirs. I know it’s healthier but it is always something I’ve found challenging…I ain’t no Elsa when it comes to letting it go.

Until now…

I am not sure if it’s the recent birthday, or how comfortable and happy I am with my life right now, feeling fulfilled and happy in all areas but when,  given the opportunity to be the better person, or the bitter person this week, I chose better.  I thought long and hard about why I was holding on to resentment and anger. There was no reason. As I told Zedekiah “What they did hurt, it hurt for a long time, it stills hurts sometimes when I think about it”.  I am not saying what they did is ok. It wasn’t. But look at me. I’m happy, fulfilled, I have a wonderful man in my life and amazing friends, I have hobbies, I have work and a network of people I admire and care for. All of these things I have because I went through that situation I am alluding to. I am actually thankful to this person for showing me their true colours and allowing me to find the right people for my life. As for the resentment…I let it go.


Head – Lelutka – Cate 3.0

*Skin – Navzar – Song **NEW** at Skin Fair 2018

Shape – My Own

Hands – Maitreya Bento Hands

*Hair – Exile – Aibi **NEW** Mainstore Release

Dead Dollz – Imagine Dragons – Turquoise

Pose – HERA – Beautifully Awkward

Backdrop – //Naberius// Midnight Alley

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