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It’s no secret that I do love a good mainstore release. I’d love to see more stores doing regular mainstore releases…mainly because when I go to their stores I find so many things I’ve missed. This Winter Brunch set from Nutmeg was released a few days ago at the Nutmeg mainstore.  If you are a regular Nutmeg shopper you will know that one of the beauties of this store is that everything works together all the time. There is a definite style and theme to the items and that makes it perfect to mix and match items from other releases and packs so easily. The best way to see what I mean is to visit the mainstore and pick up these and take a look around…you won’t be disappointed.


8f8 – No Place of Ours – Autumnal

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Table **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Chair **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Chair w/Blankets **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Accent Stool w/Packages **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Crockery Set v2 **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Crockery Set v1 **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Teapot & Newspapers **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Rug **NEW** at Mainstore

*Nutmeg. Vintage Tabletop Wreath Dark w/Lights

Ayla. Fresh Berry Collection – Plate w/ Blackberries (antique)

*Dahlia – Cora’s Summer Champagne – Blackberries – Gold

*hive // magnolia plant

*hive // magnolia branch . single

*hive // hanging glass light . scripted

HPMD* Garden Vine 01 – olive

*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

Heart – Wild Flowers – Campion – Yellow – Group 3

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