Ooh Oui Pareeeee!

There are new events popping up all over the place and many of them are really finding their niche and becoming very successful. Equal 10 is a relatively new one and SHADES have released this adult Anastasia bed for the event which opened on the 10th of the month.

This bed has a huge range of new animations for up to 3 avatars at a time. The great thing about SHADES furniture is that many of the animations are unique and made by the creator and therefore won’t be found in many other brands. A lot of them are bento and if you like to use the face animations they are also bento. It’s a great looking bed, which a huge number of texture change options and plenty of pg cuddles and sleep animations too!

All the details of the items included in the photo are listed below. Happy Shopping!


Apple Fall Paris Loft Skybox RARE

*SHADES – Anastasia Bed **NEW** at Equal 10

*{moss&mink} Adele Fireplace (Black) **NEW** at FaMESHed

*{moss&mink} French Candle (Cluster)

*Granola. Isadora Chair. Print1 **NEW** at FaMESHed

*Granola. Isadora Floor Lamp. Dark w/ Marble1. **NEW** at FaMESHed

*Dahlia – Always – Wallart – Gold **NEW** at World of Magic

*Dahlia – Always – Table **NEW** at World of Magic

*Dahlia – Always – BB Beer **NEW** at World of Magic

*Nutmeg. French Golden Framed Mirror

*Apple Fall Leather Strapped Trunk

*Apple Fall Roses Box (Champagne)

*The Loft & ARIA – Leona Hide Rug

*Ariskea [Petite Paris 2] Eiffel Tower Frame

*Ariskea [PetiteParis 2] Shopping Frame

*JIAN Cheeky Chihuahuas 7. Tan Wanderer

Stockholm&Lima: Valentine’s Blush Paris Love

dust bunny. book pile

dust bunny. woodland dreams. french horn planter

dust bunny. woodland dreams. fresh rose tea

dust bunny. diy rose tea. gift

not so bad. PARIS. macarons. v2

not so bad. PARIS. horologe

not so bad. PARIS. ARTwork. v1

Wednesday[+] ~ OR – Brocante ~ Mannequin ~ COMMON

[ zerklalo ] Nikoletta Dark – Bedside Table

[PM]Pixel Mode – Branch Vase

Bazar – Paris – Wine set

junk. paris street sign.

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