Mainstore Monday – Hive

Again I’m a bit late in the day with the post but it’s still Monday so here it is! Mainstore Monday this week features one of my favourite home and garden stores – Hive. When I started blogging and focussing more on home and garden blogging Hive was one of the stores that I desperately wanted to blog for. I’d bought a lot of items and had several items on a sim I used to have open to the public. I had also taken several photos at the Honeycomb sim that houses the Hive store as the sim itself is very photogenic.

When you arrive at the sim you are at a crossroads with clearly signposted areas for the sim, gacha, furniture etc. An information hub gives details of current events, latest releases and group gifts.

The group join benefits are huge with 5% credit earned on purchases and several group gifts available to pick up as soon as you join the group. There’s also a blogotex board for aspiring Hive bloggers!

Here’s some important information:

Store Description: original mesh home & garden furnishings 🐝
Creator: hive (TheHiveStore Resident)
Group: hive // updates (secondlife:///app/group/480ba6f3-0809-c3a8-dc6d-252404e2a6d0/about)
Group Join Fee: FREE
Group Gift Available: Yes – 5 Gifts available at landing point
Subscriber: No
Redelivery Terminal: Yes

Hive has many epic gachas and they are all together in a specific gacha area. My favourite is still the American Countryside gacha and the amazing kitchen clutter set I use regularly in my kitchen photos. There’s some great halloween themed ones to try out to stock up on spookiness ready for the Autumn.

It’s a really fabulously laid out store and everything is easy to find and sets are laid out beautifully so you can fully imagine them in your own homes and spaces.

As I mentioned right at the start the sim is gloriously decorated, with Hive items of course and you can take some really pretty photos in a beautiful rustic surrounding.

Overall it’s a great shopping experience and with very generous group benefits and a free to join group it’s a must-shop store for anyone that loves mainstore shopping.

Mainstore Monday will be back again next Monday!

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