Mainstore Monday – Nutmeg

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another trip to a mainstore. Nutmeg has recently moved to a new sim so I thought it was the perfect time to visit and check out what the new store looked like.

I really like the look and feel of the sim when you arrive. As you’d expect from Neva it’s detailed, photogenic and realistic but not over cluttered…leaving prims for the store and keeping lag low.

When visiting a mainstore I always look out for the information you can gleen from the main entrance area.


Here’s some important information:

Store Description: Blank parcel description
Creator: Neva Xenga (NevaCrystall Resident)
Group: REKA Updates (secondlife:///app/group/82d6dd5f-c5fd-2e8a-9014-90c841fede41/about)
Group Join Fee: Free to Join
Group Gift Available: Yes but none available at present
Subscriber: No
Redelivery Terminal: Yes (Two)

The great thing about the group, aside from it being free to join, is that it is updates for RK Poses, RKKN and Nutmeg.

The first area you come to is a display area for the latest releases and the events that they are available to purchase at.

Past this area is a crossroads with two aisles of releases each side. I noticed that newer and older releases can be on either side of this which is good and encourages you to look around the whole store. Each set is beautifully displayed and the options to purchase are varied and clear.

The store is everything I would expect from Nutmeg. It’s clean, orderly and stylish and the only clutter you will find is the decor that is designed to be clutter as part of the decor sets. If you follow my blog regularly you will no doubt have seen many of the sets in store blogged on The Glamour Sauce and as I stood in the store today looking, I tried to decide what my favourite set is and it’s impossible to choose.

I highly recommend joining the group. There’s no group gift out that I could find but Neva does release beautiful gifts regularly. If you’re premium and looking to ‘spend’ those extra group spaces, use one for this…you won’t be disappointed.

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