SL Calendar Girls – February 2020

Welcome SL Calendar Girls February 2020 selection. As always the creativity of the community astounds me and make this job tougher and tougher each month. It’s also awesome to see so many of the people whose work I admire now adding to the group. Long may it continue!

Each month I choose my favourite pictures that have been added to the SL Calendar Girls Flickr group throughout the month and again, at the end of the year I will again choose one image from each month to represent a ‘calendar’ of 2019 photographs. I can’t stress enough that these are my personal choices not based on photoshop skills or composition necessarily. It can be anything that makes a photo jump out of me. I am still looking at thousands of photos a month now and these are the ones that leap out at me when I go through, that make me do a double-take and stop and take in the image.

As always the selection is a mix of ‘regular’ outstanding artists and some new favourites to the list.

Here is the February 2020 selection:

Checking Messages by purr Foxclaw

Checking messages....

quiet by Claudia Orsini


284 by Juliette M


End of the Road by Kimi Elonara

End of the road

untitled by Lea Oh


Don’t make me cry by Mira

ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴄʀʏ

Imaginary by Amberly


True Colours by Ono Fearne de Leon

True Colours ...

little sunshine by Cataleya

.  l i t t l e  s u n s h i n e  .

Wither and Decay by Angela Ronsein

Wither and Decay

I keep searching by Ayako Silverfall

' | Keep searching

untitled by Angella Keng


it’s time to bloom by NatG

It's time to bloom

Everything blooms with spring by Maria DellaCroix

Everything blooms with spring-

BUFC Day by Lenn on the Road


Your discretion by Melanie King

Your discretion

The fire in her eyes… by Aleriah Laurent

The fire in her eyes spoke of a story she'd never tell

Psycho by Hye Min


Does this work? by 상우

Sweet Home Alabama by Sorchiee

Sweet Home Alabama

Falling in love is dying…. by Ursual Deadflame

Falling in love is dying by the cupid's bow : #599

Enjoi the Silence by Foxi McCalister

356 by Catherine Nikolaidis

Music touches us… by Mia

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” ― Johnny Depp

Modified Body by Eripom Moonwall

"Modified Body" - [CX] x Ichigo - Yoni's Passion Preview

The garden of earthly delights by Dae fangs

Fear by Sonic


Intentions by Stefania Giano


Kill me slowly by Rina Edenflower

Kill Me Slowly

When you can’t stay awake by Quistis Shippe

♥ When you can´t stay awake...

BG Victoria’s Secret Angel by Skip Staheli

Crazy in Love by Chiara de Luca

Crazy in love

Until they come true by Tweeko

Until they come true

May this day… by Love Trill

May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony...  It's what the tag on my tea said. ☮️

The secret ingredient is always… by Hara

The secret ingredient is always love

Lily’s Diary 071 by Lily

Lily's Diary ♥ 071

愛している by BumBum

Taste me…rate my soul by A Frith

Taste me..rate my soul...

Melt by Tako Absent


Sabina Valeska by Nouvelle

Sabina Valeska...

Under by Mogovtle Karnstein



Free Spirit by Melly Clarrington

Free Spirit

Milano by Grace

Milano 🍝

Public Memory by Ada

Public Memory...

You’ll be on your side by Rhea

You'll be on your side

Wondering if I can still do this by Lexia

Wondering if I can still do this...

Amelia by Rose Siabonne


Spirit Blessing by Kanatan Abramovic

020. Spirit blessing.

Queen of Spring by Belen Ackland

🌺 Queen of Spring 🌺

Those Lazy Days by EdenLovely

t h o s e l a z y a s s d a y s

Living in a myth by Sally Smashes

Living in a myth.

Self-love by Keely Mistwood


untitled by Kalista Witherinton


Yours by Maye



With or without you by Larisa Lyn

With Or Without You

Day is gone by Liz Winterstorm

Day is Gone

Cum dederit by zala

Cum dederit

Baby it’s yours…all yours by Ric Applewhyte

Synnergy It’s Yours Pose

Even now my wounds… by Lisa

Even now my wounds won't heal.

Baking Mess by EXIS

Baking mess!

Wicked Game by Itsa Me Maria

Wicked Game

Back Again by Wicca Merlin

Back again...

Macarena by Jana Guyot

Macarena ♥

Divine Emotions by Elise Kenzo

Suspirium by Phae Leigh


Something like this by Whiskey Apple

Something like this....

untitled by Charlotte Petrova

Into the fray by Annan Adored

Into the Fray . . .

untitled by COC0NUT


Something Real by Lake Solee

Something Real.

red pumps on the pier by Cari Orfan

red pumps on the pier

moth & flame by Janeen Arliss

moth & flame.

Scared to be alone by Tarja Haven

Scared To Be Alone

Words and actions… by Teej

{Words and actions can heal but also hurt..lets be mindful}

Hard times will always… by Danna Benoir

Hard times will always reveal true friends.

198 by Feralias Lesanar

Blogpost 198.

Help me lose my mind by Lou Shadow

Help Me Lose My Mind

All about the blah by Kelly Parker

All About The Blah

Drowning by Jax Winchester


Tell me Why by Bailey Delwood

Tell me why..

Ordinary World by Madison RR Bugaati Salmson

Ordinary World . .

Lace by Morgan Monroe

[  L A C E  ]  💋

Kite at Night by Grace

Kite at Night

Her name is Jesie by Nouvelle

Her Name is Jesie....

In case you didn’t know by Stefania Giano

In case you didn't know

Dove by Mogovtle Karnstein


Bless my world by Sorcha Tyles

~Bless my World~

Your Love by Yana Nightwish

✞Your Love✞

Dark Skies by Callie Oh

LOTD 256 Dark Skies

Spring Smell by Sheila Breen

Spring smell

303 by Alegria

- 303 -

Sofa Potato by Magician XIII

Sofa Potato

Because this emptiness… by Marta IGOTIT

Because this emptiness you leave doesn't hurt

In Paris by Milady Elena Monari

In Paris..

My bright is too slight… by Sylvia Olivier

untitled by Ella Pavlona


Red Roses by Bella Diaz

● 2040 Red Roses

Distance by Elemiah Choche


I got expensive fabrics… by Luna Morineaux-Song

I got expensive fabrics I got expensive habits

Let me just be by Teej

[Let me just be]

Sisters meet Sisters by Skip Staheli

Dee and BG~Sisters meet Sisters...

untitled by Chanel

1491 by Shiva Swords


644 by Blizzard


Cause friends don’t let you… by Finn Lawksley

'Cause friends don't let you do stupid things alone.

untitled by Bridget G


Heaven by Tess Schmidt


Need you by Pandora Ethaniel

-Need You-

think pink by Cataleya

.  t h i n k  p i n k  .

今月の尻語り by Marino Sandalwood


Truck by Leanne Mordue


Tavern with Friends by Nayra Collas

ₜₐᵥₑᵣₙ wᵢₜₕ fᵣᵢₑₙdₛ 🍻

Let the memories burn with fire by Aleksandra RomanovA

Let the memories burn with fire.......

Delilah by Aida Ewing


Waiting on Cupid by Alisa Perne

Waiting on Cupid

Here comes the sun by Viixiin

Here Comes The Sun

Darling U by Attilies Tigerpaw

Darling U

Becca by Talija


Momentary Escape by Tiffany Parkin

N644 Momentary Escape

I’ll dance for you by Corsario

I'll dance for you

Monarch by Grace


0259 by Lemon Doll

✿ 0259 ✿

Beck by Valenska Voljeti


58 by Faustine Cross

Someday I’ll be better by Bailey Delwood

Someday I'll be better... now that you're gone.

Mr.Broken & Ms.Daisy by Linda Littlebird

Mr.Broken & Ms.Daisy

follow me to the lighthouse by Samanthe Mirror

Bohemian Life by Adam Lavell

Bohemian Life

Sunshine by Anita Armendariz


You need chaos in your soul… by Sansa Hope

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star ❤️

Do you believe… by Isabella Brune

♥ Do you believe in life after love?...♫♪

but I remember by Ni Avril

on the ‘own’ wave by Panica

1041 by Bree Coy

Look 1041♥

City Lights by Foxi McCalister


Spring Affairs by EXIS

Spring affairs

Pick up the Pieces by Kira Balestra

Pick up the Pieces,Walk out of the Dark

Mimosa by Kynne Llewellyn


Nothing can dim the light… by Flowscine

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. Remember, when you forgive, you heal. And when you let go, you grow.

We’re all a little broken…. by Bambi

We're all a little broken, but last time I checked, broken crayons still colour

same light by Wicked Eiren

same light but in Blackdragon

Where the light shines by E M I E

Where the light shivers offshore...

Still a little bit of… by Tulip

Brooklyn Baby by ADI

Brooklyn Baby

Distraction by Pickle


633 by Blizzard


Bad Bitches… by Satan’s Closet

Bad Bitches Get the Cat

Nobody’s Home by Cockaigne


Love will keep us alive by Shocking Wonder

Love Will Keep Us Alive

Again and Again by Ada

Again and Again...

Drown in You by Sally Smashes

Drown In You

untitled by Xana Newall

1180 by Xena


Imagine a world like that by Rowan Elise

Imagine a world like that.

Lonely Night by AliceInChains Arun

Lonely Night..

but the best in me… by Ari Rose

•but the best in me wants to love you

slowly by Annan Adored

Slowly. . .

leave into madness by Sadystika Sabretooth

leave into madness

Generation by Purple Leonis


Whimberly by Kiara Slet

| Whimberly |

Wrong Direction by Lofa Iqah

Wrong Direction..

Happy Valentine’s by Lisa Holloway

💗Happy Valentine's Day💗

sweet caroline by pipsqueakbitterbean

sweet caroline

I keep fighting voices… by Kimmy Littleboots

I keep fighting voices in my mind

If I am lost by Lori Matthews


be that bride by Samanthe Mirror

be that bride

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