SL Calendar Girls – September 2020

Welcome to SL Calendar Girls September 2020 selection.

As mentioned last month, I can no longer link photos marked as moderate on Flickr directly into the blog. Which sucks, there is a workaround which I have done for a couple of photos but as a general rule only safe photos will be able to shown in the selection moving forward. Which is kind of sad cos many of the great photos I see in the group aren’t strictly safe photos and we know we all have to be careful not to enrage the Flickr Gods when uploading our photos there. I will continue to use the workaround for any that I think the list cannot be complete without!

Anyways, another amazing month with tons of creative and talented photographers appearing on the list, many for the first time, or the first time in a long while.

Here is the September 2020 selection:

untitled by Alexsandra RomanovA

Merci pour ça by Lou Shadow

Merci pour ça

une fleur pour toi by Apple

une fleur pour toi

Reflection by Anais Maelle


Automne by Amberly


020 by YU


Dogma by KiB


Rose & Thorn Pose Mind Games by Taliah Hayes

untitled by Anu Papp

Baz Hello Autumn by Skip Staheli

Baz~Hello Autumn....

GABRIAL x tram 20200929 by Ruby O’Kelly

GABRIAL × tram 20200929

Fall Pumpkins by Makamara


Do you want to find out? by Accueil

Do you want to find out? - 001

Crazy in Love by Charlie’s Rain

Crazy in Love

Ukiyo by Franch Brooks

U k i y o.

untitled by Ella Pavlona


Shimmer by UMA


Nutshell by Shocking Wonder


826 by Yashica

#826  n o  l i m i t s

See Through the Glass by Tsubasa

See Through a Glass.

1.6ly by Malvene

Autumn Memories by Nuria Niven

#395 Autumn memories

I’m sorry to sleep by NEOs Klaar02

I'm sorry to sleep...

red blooded by Crys Lexenstar

_ red blooded _

New by Hirai Momo

Black Heels by Pleasure

[Black Heels]

Red Rose by Antaya

Red rose

I’ll never forget by Sorcha Tyles

~I'll never forget~

Morning by Sheila Breen

M o r n i n g

Hellbeasts by Honey


untitled by Monik


Against the Wind by Larisa Lyn

Against The Wind

Aren’t we all princesses? by NatG

Aren´t we all princesses?


what stupid ppl do with me by Cataleya

.   what  {s t u p i d}  ppl do with me   .

Carpe Diem by Anuska Loon


come and save me by DeeLane Bellios

Come and save me...

one week at home… by Silent

Johanna by Talija


it’s not the house that’s haunted by Rowan Elise

It's not the house that's haunted

089 by Syrena

089 // Rhinestone Eyes

Night Crawler by AliceInChains Arun

Autumn writes her own… by Luna Morineaux-Song

Autumn writes her own poetry, we are merely observers

536 by reo


tonight tonight tonight by Lily Kitteh Frakture

▍tonight tonight tonight.

I also have a hope… by Hermit’s dream

Expedition by Tess Schmidt


495 by Pineapple


…in the shade of the morning sun by Coralie Bilasimo the shade of the morning sun.

Madame Brijit by Lita Menges

Too much by Sofie Janic

Too much

Amitie blogger search by Babi Bellic

“Tears are words that need to be written.”

Sunset in burano by Any Moonwall

"Sunset in burano"

Summertime by Morgaine Blackrain


Future Soldier by Eripom Moonwall

"Future Soldier"

Yeri Flow by Skip Staheli


Oceans by Sheila Breen

O c e a n s

Arrival in the Clouds by Magician XIII

Arrival in the Clouds

316 by Juliette M


…is giving up an option? by Lidsa

ˑˑˑ ᶤˢ ᵍᶤᵛᶤᶰᵍ ᵘᵖ ᵃᶰ ᵒᵖᵗᶤᵒᶰˀ

splendid fall by vivilicous

.splendid fall.

When she passes by Anne

...When she passes...🔥

808 by Tomomi Homewood


Pumpkin Carving by GABS

Pumpkin carving

untitled by gigi

1165 by Bree Coy

For I am strong by Ghoulina Waffle

For I am strong

Izanami by Tempestad Skarsgard


Error by Hye Min


Warm Colors by Julianna Cane

Warm Colors

spinning infinity by Moth Aurelia

emeline in Wonderland by Emeline Laks

Emeline in wonderland

A spot that we’ve never known by 3XIS

A spot that we've never known

Floating through time by Ric Applewhyte

Study of Flowers by LISA

Study of flowers🌸

773 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +773

I’m a loser, baby by Annika Velde

Look into my eyes by Kayotica

Look into my eyes

On my own by Anja Mexicola

On My Own

it’s the weekend baby by Catherine Nikolaidis

.518. it's the weekend baby.

Autumn’s Rain by Tia Amor

Autumn's Rain.. 💛

369 by XxSHIONxX


Feeling the wind around me by Taylor Wassep

Feeling The Wind Around Me

RainOnMe by Serena


Mi gato apareció de la nada…  by Calandra

Mi gato apareció de la nada... y se convirtió en mi todo...

Morning Meditation by Sarah Haars

Morning meditation

the Autumn  by SpajkIE Hanks

❤New Post❤ the Autumn

772 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +772

Grace by Mogovtle Karnstein


Sweet Sandy by Keely Mistwood

Team Blanket by Quistis Shippe

♥ Team Blanket

I notice, I just act… by A Frith

Autumn Vibes – Kimmy Ridley by Moustique

Autumn Vibes - Kimmy Ridley

Magic by val xox


lazy morning & restless thoughts by Num Bing-Howlett

lazy morning & restless thoughts...

Show Me by Kimmy Littleboots

Show Me

heartbreak is savage… by Claudia Orsini

Sugar by tarja haven


Where is my mind by Accueil

Where is my mind?

it’s true that I like… by Rita Glad

Cumple Dias by Falenah Kruczynski

Cumple Días..

Wonderland by MartaIGOTIT


For all time by AnaisCristole

For all time..

Autumn Lane by Grace Ashwell

Autumn Lane 🍂

Going my own way by Danna Nova

Going my own way.

untitled by Boby de Velure


Lumberjack by Kynne Llewellyn


In Between by Clarrissa D

In Between

1764 by Xaveco Mania

→● 1764 ●←

untitled by Ange


untitled by Waleria Chau


Baiastice by Isabella Brune


House with no mirrors by Amberly

House With No Mirrors

Comment te dire adieu by Belen Ackland

Comment te dire adieu

277 by Feralias Lesanar

Blogpost 277.

Autumn Enters by Serina

:: AUTUMN ENTERS :: 秋が入る

Spiraling by Kiana Jarman


This is not a place of rest by Sajiah

This is not a place of rest.

I was born to run… by Joh Collins

~I was born to run, i don't belong to anyone

Born to the forest by Euryale

Born to the forest...

untitled by Lia Serenity

Tatanka by Coqueta Georgia


Falling by Moustique

Give me just enough… by Hayden Dethly

Give me just enough to make me feel something

Your nightmare… by Jade Troll

Your Nightmare... My Dream.

013 by YU


All By Myself by lakaluka

All By Myself.. 💗

Chaos and Madness by Tralala Loordes

Chaos and Madness

Route 66 by Anuska Loon


Under Pressure by Clover Jinx

Under Pressure

Tu Princesa by Aye

Tu Princesa...

But I’m a Sunflower by Desire Darkrose

But I'm a Sunflower

Behind my Back by Lori Matthews


Demons wait at crossroads… by Rita

Demons wait at crossroads attempting to influence our decisions.

What’s your kink? by Astrellita

What's your kink?

Protected by Alienmaus Allen


portrait by Any Bergan

•○ p o r t r a i t ○•

untitled by Lan


When people went on vacation… by Kimmy Ridley

“When people went on vacation, they shed their home skins, thought they could be a new person.”― Aimee Friedman

Tlalli by Coqueta Georgia

Tlalli The Fair Around - 1ST Anniversary- Mexico !....

all the way up by Emily

To the west by NinnaDazy

To the West

LOTUS by HollowayStore

Isolation by Allysa Messmer


The Secret Garden by Amberly

The Secret Garden

And now I wonder…. by Maria DellaCroix

And now I wonder, could you fall for a woman like me...

Drying Off by Purr Foxclaw

Drying off

Lottery by Noel Heartsong

Lottery 🎲

untitled by Kirca

My creative space by 3XIS

My creative space

It’s not the time… by Rita Glad

It's not the time for telling tales on me

Conflicted by A Frith


just enough madness… by viv

∴ just enough madness to make her interesting ∴

688 by dolceluna Myoo


Sensuality by Quistis Shippe

♥ Sensuality

Il talpeto è un concetto esoterico by Mavi Beck

Il talpeto è un concetto esoterico

Don’t fuck with my freedom by Marion3tte

Don't Fuck with my Freedom

burn by Alicia Jinx van Hell

◈№.1029 - burn

Anseim by Blu Moonwall


Take Cover by Ruby Release

Take Cover

Beep Beep by Love Trill

🚗  🚗  BEEP BEEP  🚗  🚗

Sugar take the LEAP by Lilly Cross

Sugar take the LEAP

Summer  is close to an end by LISA

Summer is close to an end.

Poison Arrow by Madison RR Bugaati Salmson

Poison Arrow

Strigoi by Tralala Loordes


untitled by Pixie Pie

REVOUL💖 ACCESS   +   Mainstore

Explode your imagination… by Umi Infinity

Explode your imagination on a canvas

Out of my head by Wicca Merlin

Out of my Head!!!

One Love by Yumhi

♥ One Love

The arrival of the queen by Jai Kingdoms

The arrival of the queen

Autumne by Pinki Crystal


Stay by Amberly


It’s so human of you by Sadycat Littlepaws

It's so human of you

.500 by Catherine Nikolaidis

.5oo. ♥

Maybe by Bambi


This world ain’t simple by BlazeAme

This world ain't simple

She’s just there… by Jacquis Encargues

She's just there, looking back at me.

once you figure out… by Charlie Namiboo

[once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention … ♪♫]

I’ll just have water… by Secret SommerTyran

I'll just have water, Thanks!

The Sky is Crying by Annan Adored

Amost is never enough by Claudia Orsini

almost is never enough.

As angels fall by Jean Genie

As angels fall

dancing on my own by val xox

dancing on my own

take this pink ribbon… by viv

7 thoughts on “SL Calendar Girls – September 2020

  1. Wow.. such a fantastic collection of September female pictures.. thanks loads for have two of my works among them, its much appreciated ❤ :))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am overwhelmed! Thank you so much for adding my photo! And so many great photos here! Simply stunning! ♥♥♥


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