SL Calendar Girls – February 2021

Welcome to SL Calendar Girls February 2021 selection. Each month I choose a selection of photos from the SL Calendar Girls Flickr photo pool that catch my eye and are my favourite photos added over the course of the month. As we all do, there are bloggers and photographers I admire and, where almost every photo they produce, I adore…it’s hard to pick a favourite photo from those people and one of the biggest challenges for me. Alongside those regular faces I always try to include new-to-me photographers, and artists that are featured less often.  Calendar Girls will always be a collection of photos I’ve enjoyed viewing and hopefully you will too. No more, no less.

As mentioned previously, I can no longer link photos marked as moderate on Flickr directly into the blog. Which sucks, there is a workaround which I have done for a couple of photos but as a general rule only safe photos will be able to shown in the selection moving forward. Which is kind of sad cos many of the great photos I see in the group aren’t strictly safe photos and we know we all have to be careful not to enrage the Flickr Gods when uploading our photos there. I will continue to use the workaround for any that I think the list cannot be complete without!

Here is the February 2021 selection:

She cute, kawaii by LuxeStyle SL

#093 She cute, kawaii!

This time for me by Ric Applewhyte

This time for me

My Queen by Purple Leonis

My queen

work by Rivers

. ​​​​work

066 by KOU


Following the sun by Be Pur Pur


The Mother by Lucy Mae

Among the reflection of others by Jaqcuis Encargues

Among the reflection of others

806 by Fine Frankel

Se7en +806

Little Bird by Victoria Grayce

Little bird

Paper Love by Arwen Clarity

Paper Love

untitled by Falenah Schutz

Spring Night by Helen Malkavian


Night Stop by Elocuencia

Night Stop.

elizabethbennet by Amberly

e l i z a b e t h   b e n n e t

Oceans by Pandora Ethaniel

After School by Carolina Sauterau


Wicked Game by Lenn MadnessJoy

Wicked Game ⚡

Troubled Times by Sorcha Tyles

~Troubled times~

57 by Shelly Mussel


.j’ai demandé à la lune. by Apple

.j'ai demandé à la lune.

20210226 by banana lecker


Perfectly her by May

Perfectly her

untitled by MissMild


Awakening by UMA


Born Too Late by Leanne Mordue

Would you like a balloon animal by Fase Nites

Would you like a balloon animal?

enjoy the silence by Megumi

- enjoy the silence.

a good day ahead by Emelia Faye

A good day ahead.

Wallflower by Wynona Wilde


Victoria by Susanne Drechsler

Victoria (Client work)

untitled by Samanda Eddingham

Survivor by Morgaine Blackrain


I’ve been running with the wolves… by Vivilicous

.I´ve been running with the wolves to get to you.

~Shinyakuraiko~ by Blu Moonwall


Happiness comes  the way the wind blows by A Frith

Happiness comes the way the wind blows...

Journey to the east by smol tiddy goth gf

.ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴀsᴛ.

French Touch by Marilou Reve

. French touch .

Sangria by Melanie King


she’s flowers and fire by L a n a

she's flowers and fire...

Marie by Lara Ubert

Cupidus by Mogovtle Karnstein


Tell me why I’m waiting by Annika Velde

Tell me why i'm waiting?

Sweet but… by Morgaine Blackrain

Sweet but.....

warriors – here we are by Evalyn Wunderlich

warriors -here we are

Budai by Ruby Riotz


Contrast – Yang by Sungyoung Holloway-Zhao

Contrast - Yang

Spring Scent by Any Moonwall

"Spring scent"

Fluttery by by Brandi Monroe

Flutter By.

shipwrecked by Arol Lightfoot


Kitties and Flowers by Lofa Iqah

Kitties and Flowers

233 by Baby Pancakes

(っ^▿^)۶ Post #233 ٩(˘◡˘ )

PauPau by Paula Bruissardt


Destiny by Teej


Her World by Malina

Hᴇʀ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

The self is fundamentally an illusion… by Kimmy Ridley

"The self is fundamentally an illusion arising as a reflection of the soul in matter, much as a clear lake at midnight reflects the moon."  - Fred Alan Wolf

Yours by Mya Audebarn


Morning Reading by Nuria Niven

#434 Morning reading

Be Sunshine by NatG

Be sunshine

The moment to live by Rita

The moment to live and the moment to die.

it’sagirl538 by Manu Denimore

but these are days we dream… by Charlie Namiboo

[but these are days we dream about when the sunlight paints us gold … ♪♫]

bleached by Cataleya

.   b l e a c h e d   .

Garden Party by Pastel

Garden Party ~

Catch me if I fall by Love Trill

Catch me if I fall

210220 by n0rik0


If you remember me by AleksandrA RomanovA

If you remember me,        then I don't care if everyone else forgets....

move down to me… by viv

∴ move down to me, slip into u  ∴

Circles by Adriene Silva


Every new beginning… by Pretty Rexen

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end  .

347 by Feralias Lesanar

Blogpost 347.

we do not remember days by Dayce

we do not remember days we remember moments

money well spent by Moth Aurelia

money well spent.

A perfect life’s an oversight… by Novaleigh Freng

A perfect life's an oversight...

Algo Mas by Rachel Deveraux

Algo Más

emery by luas by Savannah Mohegan

emery by luas.

Ronin by Tralala Loordes


1417 by Xena


Letting Go by Saber

Letting Go

Always wear your crown by UMA

Always wear your crown.

Freezing by A Dream Never Far


a rose doesn’t answer… by Euryale

a rose doesn't answer it's enemies with words...

My Wedding day by Coqueta Georgia

My Wedding Day....♥

Dream of you by ane

「Dream Of You」

Nutmeg – Dacha Bedroom by Ni Avril

Nutmeg - Dacha Bedroom ♥

searching by Amberly

s e a r c h i n g

Freshness by Any Moonwall


70s vibes by Katien Erin

70's vibes

2779 by Meigabea Danger

LOOK # 2779

926 by Coba Zicke


Love fades by Valenska Voljeti

Love fades

untitled by Anaya Twine


I like this place… by Luna Morineaux-Song

I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it

Talk with your body by Candy Serrao

Talk with your body...

Wicked Game by Anais Cristole

Wicked Game..

173 by Lily

Lily's Diary ♥ 173

kaw by kakaw denimore

Treat Yourself by Shocking Wonder

Treat Yourself

Like the desert waiting for the rain by Tweeko

Solivagant by EXIS


Blow by Kimmy Littleboots


I walk the line by Samanthe Mirror

I hope we’re friends… by Ange

I hope we’re friend until we die. Then I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls and scare the shit out of people.

untitled by Cataleya


Celestial Rose by Magician XIII

Celestial Rose Portrait

農曆新年  by Annika Velde


untitled by Gabrielle Allen

Mirror by KiB


Return to Innocence by Lita Menges

♣ Return to Innocence ♣

Make me Prr by Bruna Shelford

ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴘʀʀʀ

Pearl Crystal Shell by NatG

You’re playing your best role… by BlazeAme

You're playing your best role but the mask shatters....

Eclectic Event by Pixie Pie

◇Eclectic Event◇

What dreams may come by Leanne Mordue

What dreams may come

Lone Star by Effy

Lone Star

untitled by Ange


s h e  by Amberly

s h e

Be my valentine by Coqueta Georgia

Be My Valentine....♥

16 thoughts on “SL Calendar Girls – February 2021

  1. Pick some new faces and stop being a snobby elitist.
    There’s more talent out there than the same 20 people you always pick.
    Better yet, just get a life.


    1. Dear “fellow talented blogger,”

      I think its really cute how you’re hiding behind some anonymous name here. If you’re soooo talented, why not proudly display your name? Also, do you understand how flickr groups and blogs work? Cuz the flickr group and all of the Calendar Girl/Boy/Home Posts here belong to Kess. So, I think it seems a bit unnecessary to explain that it is ALL based on HER opinion. HER group, HER blog, HER opinion. Why are you in such a tizzy over this? There are no prizes. There are no special awards. This is just a monthly collection of photos that Kess finds absolutely amazing. I have another dear friend that features photos on her Vlog that she finds impressive. Are you going to lash out at her, too?

      Also, when you said that Kess sucks as a blogger…well, you simply prove my point. No one is forcing you to like her blog. You may genuinely not like her blogging style and that’s ok. Kess isn’t going to lose sleep over it. Nor is she going to rant all over your page about it. Cuz its an opinion. Nothing more.

      I worry that something much deeper might be bothering you. For you to lash out this way…it says far more about your state of mind than it says anything about Kess. Please, seek the help of a professional. I’m not being snarky here. I’m honestly concerned that something is wrong. I know that therapy isn’t for everyone, but it might work for you if you’ll give it a try. Or maybe just some anger management? Xanax? I dunno. I’m not a doctor, obviously. I just know that therapy has worked wonders for me and I don’t think I will ever manage without it now. Give it a try. Cuz flickr groups and blogs about a virtual world really shouldn’t upset anyone to this degree.

      Liked by 4 people

  2. who put you in charge of whose talented and who isn’t?
    Because you’re not, and you have horrible taste.


  3. when you start putting better talent on here, then you’ll stop being harassed.

    why won’t you pick anybody with real talent? all these are over filtered and over photoshopped.

    it’s like SL Instagram with all these filters.


  4. Dear “a fellow talented blogger”

    Why don’t you shut the fuck up? No one cares what you think or have to say and if you’re so salty or “butt hurt” that you didn’t get picked this month why not work on your skill and try to do better next time?

    Stand out for your “talent” and not for this idiotic trolling that you’re doing, You always have the choice to look away or start your own thing if you don’t like how something is done. Put up or shut up..

    None of this affects you, so why are embarrassing yourself here?

    Liked by 5 people

  5. *yawn* these are all boring. seen the same faces about three months in a row now. this blog isn’t even worth looking at anymore lol it’s always the same people.


  6. haha, what a list. half of these pictures look gross, the other half are of ugly, over intstagram-filtered, some of them you can’t even see that well because they are blurry. you call this list top notch? yeah okay, lol not.


  7. Honestly, there is no reason to post such ugliness. As a blogger for over two years now, I find artist that I’m in awe of, and often admire others artwork. Maybe Kess picks the same people because that’s the style she enjoys. Whatever her reasons, these are her picks, I’m sure the frustration for other bloggers (i can only assume this is the reason for the negative remarks) is wanting to be part of the elite club. You really only have two choices, start fashioning your artwork to be similar to the picks the Calendar Girls enjoys, or start your own. By making all the negative remarks all you’ve done is make others look at you as disgruntled, and jealous of the decisions that have been chosen.

    Liked by 1 person

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