SL Calendar Guys – March 2021

Welcome to the March 2021 selection of the year from the SL Calendar Guys group which I am continuing with the mid-month publishing date for.  I wanted to reiterate the process behind Calendar Guys, as with the Girls calendar, the selection is purely my choice of my favourite images I see in the group over the course of the previous month. I am by no means an expert in photography or editing but the photos I choose each month have stood out to me for a myriad of reasons. I would love for the Guys calendar to become as large as the Girls one so, as always, if you know of quality photographers of male avatars, please encourage them to add their work to the group each month.

I’ve also introduced a zero-tolerance policy for photos being added to the group that do not qualify to be in the Flickr group. You would have thought the title of the group, SL Calendar Guys, would have been sufficient but apparently not! Moderating the group and the Calendar girls group, has become quite time consuming so now, if photos are added to the group of m/f couples, or kids, or landscapes etc, I remove the photo and the person who added it. It’s an open group so anyone can rejoin but that will at least reiterate the rules to them when, and if they rejoin.

The link to the group is below so please encourage your friends with male avatars to join the group and add their amazing images. The quality level has been very high so far so it’s already a challenge to choose my favourites. Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for March 2021:

People are always disappointing…. by JkingTyran

"People are always disappointing. Thank god I have cereal."

435 by Crann Bethadh

435 - FashionNatic and amias

My mask is always with me…. by Kaua Newey

My mask is always with me, and yours?

untitled by Rick M


Eye Delight… by Duff Man

Eye Delight / Deleite Visual

Call Me When you Want… by Eli

.Call Me When You Want, Call Me When You Need.

Do one thing every day…. by Roy Mildor

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

untitled by Anais Maelle


us by harland james


Fired Up by YU


When you are not here… by Hikaru Enimo

When you are not here, everything loses its color.........

anniversary luncheon by Taylor Wassep

. anniversary luncheon .

Boys life by Johny Darkwyr

Blood Moon by Alaska Whelan

Blood Moon

To the moonshine… by Adam Cayden

To the moonshine... and back

1148 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 1148 ]

Remembering you where we met by Zakk Bifrandt

Remembering you where we met

威神 by 지찬

Hard Days by Ali Lavarock

[ Hard Days ]

Back Home by Falk Vïşųąℓ þσεŧ

Back home

untitled by Pedro


What you gonna do when… by Levi Megadon

What you gonna do when there's blood in the water?

You make me HAP-PEA by Dress Me Up

❥ You make me HAP-PEA! ಌ

We all have part of…. by Sonyv SL

We all have a part of Wakanda in us

Letting Go by Ethan Lane

Letting Go

Memories by Junior Lennier


443 by XxSHIONxX


untitled by LEVIN Pearl


In the Air Tonight by Dante Reddington

In The Air Tonight

Mechanic by Raider Flint

AngelsLikeYou by Casper Blanco

A n g e l s L i k e Y o u

Dune by War Beagle


Malamente by Murdock


Menunggu by Dewanto


151 by Scott

471 by LUK

LOTD 471📷

Arittakeno yume o kakiatsume,… by Blake Dalry Cvercko

♪♫Arittakeno yume o kakiatsume, Sagashi mono sagashi ni yuku no sa Pocket no coin, soreto, You wanna be my friend? We are, we are on the cruise! we are!♪♫

one last battle by OSO

one last battle

Enforcer by Alfred Wessex

Santiago by Maria Djinn


1164 by Nospherato Destiny

† 1164 †

Comfort in Chaos by Rome Akuji

Comfort in chaos

blissful moment by Jordy Amore

blissful moment

Neo-Japan by Bear Starr

Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 7 - [Littlebearstarr]

Excuse Me Miss by Ric Applewhyte

Excuse Me Miss | Synnergy Pose |

1555 by Edumetal Lavarock


untitled by Pedro


when you missed the flight…. by вєиנι ℓєвєαυтє α∂αм

When you missed the flight & they left you behind whyyyyyy you don't like my pj????

Neo-Japan by Gentle Monster

Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 7 - [Gentlemonsterr]

On the nature of daylight by Hilaire Beaumont

On The Nature Of Daylight

No Joke by Skip Staheli

Skip~No joke!

Santi by Blog IMMORTAL

NEO JAPAN - "Santi"

Evil by B R R O


..:CORAƵ♥Ɲ:.. by Hades

Don’t waste my time… by Darell

Don't waste my time, time is money. 💵

untitled by уυуєи мєятz


Everything’s got a price by Elijah J Q

⚜️Everything's Got a Price.

Take on Me by Mark Dark

⚡ Take on me....

untitled by Guilherme de Gregori

Well, isn’t a goodbye, more… by Dahvie Gloom

Well, Isn't a goodbye, but more a farewell

untitled by Iozi Wasp

Nex to me by Ayslan Bass

Les filles avaient raison by ARnnO PLAneR

Les filles avaient raison

You have my attention by I am Ziebzen

You Have My Attention!

Tobacco Sunburst by Fenrir


Reign of the Iron II by Wolvern Viklas

...Reign of the Iron II...

Hieeeee by Fewn Zanni

Hieeee, updating here

Let the waves carry…. by Mayco Sayens

Let the waves carry you where the light can not.

The Suburbs by Prophet

The Suburbs

1134 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 1134 ]

The Witcher by Banagher

The Witcher...

Isn’t it lovely by Eli

Isn't it lovely, all alone?

Dangerous Affair by YU

Acquainted by Roman Godde


Devil by Joe Zavala


This is heaven by Jayson

# This Is Heaven ...

untitled by Luis Aakster

. . .

Between passion, love and madness by Soul

Between passion, love and madness

Sovereign by Tory King

Commissioned Work - Sovereign

At your service by Mictian Ahlström

At your service.

Refuge by ThiegoFire


numb by creep wolff


Kurosawa by Prophet


ĝ@mΞ θמ by Imperial ams

ĝ@mΞ θמ

Done shaving, ready for coffee by Skip Staheli

Skip~Done shaving, ready for coffee

Focused by Jay


Cruising down the highway by JC Underwood

Cruising down the highway.

Relaxa, atrás das nuvens… by Yeso Baw

Relaxa, atrás das nuvens existe um sol brilhando  🙌🌻

Wanted dead or alive by Dae Fangs

Wanted Dead Or Alive

The world is yours by Ivoceno Rossini

The World is Yours

Smoke by Doomkan Bradock


Soften by B


The Red Room by Joseph Delcon

❧  The Red Room  ❧

Spirit by Czar Fenris


Lucid Dreams by Khronoz Darkness

Lucid dreams

Late Night Thoughts by Mauro Rosenfeld

Late Night Thoughts

Beach Boy by wolverine gymnast

Wasting my young years by johny Darkwyr

Ricominciare by Jaguar Black


234 by Toshiya Sato

とし 240321

untitled by Iozi Wasp

Take you with me by Mark Dark

⚡ Take you with me.....

Stranger Part II by Rick M


multifarious by Todd Anton

multifarious [ muhl-tuh-fair-ee-uhs ]

trouble by Varian Bloodrose

[ trouble ]

Balance by Jayce T Wilde

B a l a n c e

Sweetness… by Mark Aji

Sweetness -  SING IT BACK!

untitled by Luis Aakster

. . .

11pm by Banagher


Are you ready to flow by Hikaru Enimo

Are you ready to flow..........

Perplexed by A Salvatore


Right Time by Dylan Vortex

Rɪɢʜᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ

Hop on, let’s go for a ride by Scar Requiem

Hop on, let's go for a ride!

Can I be him by Howard Rushwald

Can I Be Him?

1542 by Edumetal Lavarock


Gazing by Joseph Delcon

❧ Gazing ❧

Equity by Ben Will


Let the venom fill my veins… by Zaidon Delvaux

Let the venom fill my veins, I can't feel a thing. Paralyzed; I sit with the darkness now.

ill-defined by Fenrir


Texting by Kulaan D Dragon

✤ Texting…

Nemo by Wolvern Viklas


Every moment is a fresh beginning by JkingTyran

"Every moment is a fresh beginning"

Untitled by Doyle Ross

Walking through the rain by Abel Streeter

Walking through the rain.

~ Ji-Woon Hak alias The Trickster ~ by Sora F Aurelia

~ Ji-Woon Hak alias The Trickster ~

Pretty in Pink by Ric Applewhyte

Does it howl inside by Primo Mio

Does it howl inside

Feel the Jazz by Sander Sunborne

Feel The Jazz

In this shirt by The Black

In This Shirt

I’m a fire ball… by Playboy Bunny/Eden

I'm a fire ball, hadouken!

profile by Theo Cluny

‘.. profile ..’

081 by Met

✌😎✌ - 003 - ✌😎✌

sparky by Jestyr


Opal Ocean by Adam Cayden

Opal Ocean

New Perspectives by Sian Shiro

New Perspectives

‘Cause I’m Gonna Be True… by Chris Morrisey

'Cause I'm gonna be true, well, if you let me

Jungle Vibe by Rick M


Open Road by Scar Requiem

Open Road

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