SL Home & Garden Calendar – July 2021

Here’s the July 2021 selection for the SL Home and Garden Calendar. More beautiful summer vibe shots in the group this month and it’s honestly making me a little bit jelly that I don’t get as much time as I wish to blog too!  There is definitely an animal theme running throughout this months photos in the group with lots of dogs and cats…some are harder to see than others as you will see in one of the photos from Bambi!

As with Calendar Girls I make a selection of my favourite photos each month and will be choosing one from each month to represent a retrospective Calendar of 2021 at the end of the year.  Check out the selection for July 2021 below!

SL Home & Garden Calendar Flickr Group

Another Day in Paradise by Luane Meo

Another Day In Paradise ♥

Be Stronger than your Excuses by Hara

Be Stronger than your Excuses

1639 by Edumetal Lavarock


Morning Sun by Malina

ᴹᵒʳᶰᶤᶰᵍ ˢᵘᶰ ☀️

Creative Space by RyanTailor

Creative Space

A Touch of Ireland by Theadore Themistocles

Life on the Water by Aurila Tigerfish

Life On The Water.

Summer Lemon Bliss by Yeriak

#Deco.  「 Summer Lemon Bliss  」

Dog Day Afternoon by Deco Rizing

Dog day afternoon

African Feelings by Helka Alchemi

African Feelings

Summer Weekend Escape by NatG

Summer weekend escape

Frogmore Photo Contest by Issa Avon

Frogmore Photo Contest July 2021 Entry 2 Issa Avon

1495 by Xena


thank you for reminding me… by Aria Christen

1381 - thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like

nomadland with a sheep by aver osk

nomadland with a sheep

La Riviera by Kitty Von Cat

Look 1798 - La Riviera

Plato-Pinggan by Shae


To Beach by Francesca Pfeffer

To Beach

Let us start the Sunday relaxed by UnaMayLi

Let us start the Sunday relaxed

you never know what a sheep… by Sorcha Tyles

~You never know what a sheep is thinking...~

There are 8 cats… by Bambi

There are 8 cats in this picture

Dreams are made of sun & sand by Vivilicous

.Dreams are made of sun & sand.

Memories by Lori Bailey


You guys wanna race? by Victoria Konnor James

You Guys Wanna Race?

Out of the Shadows by Kelly Dark

Out of the shadows...

Fresh Delivery by Engelsstaub Resident

Fresh Delivery

☸ڿڰۣ— by Terr Jedda


Festival Vibes by Miru

Festival Vibes

untitled by Naiike Pani


An empty classroom by Honey

Aɴ Eᴍᴘᴛʏ Cʟᴀssʀᴏᴏᴍ

art therapy by brooke

.art therapy.

Thor Our Summer Gacha set by Vally Lavender

.::THOR::. Our Summer Gacha Set

Legato by Esenia Cerinei


Attic Dreamer by xkumomix

Attic Dreamer

Home, Sweet Home by Shocking Wonder

Home, sweet home.

Le talent…. by Natacha Haroldsen

Le talent, ça n'existe pas. Le talent, c'est d'avoir envie de faire quelque chose (J. Brel)

Working Till Morning by Rick M


Home is a shelter… by Annan Adored

Home is a shelter from storms...all sorts of storms

2123 by carol bebb

❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 2123

Holiday Home by Beuanna Banana

Holiday home

Bohemian teatime by EXIS

Bohemian teatime

The Birds by Eoleon Elcano

The Birds

Tacos for lyfe by Melly Clarrington

Tacos for lyfe

Street Club Backdrop by Elaine Lectar

Street Club BackDrop

Lemonade by Lucia Brune


Seaside Teatime by Luna Morineaux-Song

Seaside teatime

Castaway Bay by Larisa Lyn

Castaway Bay

Sunroom by Scar Requiem


Oh, No, It Came Higher… by Bear Starr

Oh, No, It Came Higher Than An Aeroplane

Fresh Delivery by Luane Meo

Fresh Delivery

Pieces Fit by Kelly Dark

Pieces fit.....

Relax your body and soul… by Vivilicous

.Relax your body & soul @ Where our journey begins.

The sound of the can opener by Bambi

The sound of the can opener

Home is not a place… by Annan Adored

Home is not a place…it’s a feeling

Like always Leon sleeping… by Loly Hallison

Like always Leon sleeping and Nieve looking at the neighbors

Quirky Corner by Shocking Wonder

Quirky Corner

Sicily, Casa Mia 6 by Conall DeCuir

Sicily, Casa Mia 6

Let’s go to the beach by Sorcha Tyles

Sea Air by Le Delires De Bybyl

Sea Air

Tropical Vibes by Aeg De Leon

Tropical vibes

turn up the music, please by SadyCat Littlepaws

turn up the music, please

untitled by Naiike Pani


Ode an die Freude by Varosh Santanamiguel

Ode an die Freude

Belgravia by Victor Miguel


Live Free by Aurila Tigerfish

Live Free.

Over the sea by Rose Sternberg

Over the sea

Rural Bliss by Sander Sunborne

Rural Bliss

Welcome by Kaiden Tray


Buntaco! by Shae

Comforted by Kelly Dark


queen of the kitchen by Tab Tatham

queen of the kitchen.

Elvion by Sorcha Tyles


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