Pefectly Flawed

I’m one of those can’t-sit-still-have-to-have-something-on-the-go type people and have always had something on the go in Second Life. Many years ago I owned a rock club called !Exodus!. We played rock music…any kind of rock music. If you could put the word ‘rock’ after it you could play it. Modern, Indie, Classic, Blues, Heavy, Alternative, Punk…and everything in between. Even a bit of pop rock from time to time.

!Exodus! was around from 2009 til 2015 and at our peak we were 24/7 with 128 staff of dj’s and hosts. It was a lot of work and it burnt me out. I have never regretted closing the club and moving in another direction. That’s not to say I don’t miss it occasionally. I loved always having somewhere to go, where I would know the people and they would know me. I had an absolutely amazing group of people around me and made some of my longest and best friendships around it.

I met people in RL from the days of the club, including my dear friend Spazz Tackett, who passed away earlier this year leaving a huge hole in my heart. I’m still at the stage where something happens and I think “I must tell Spazz about that” and then remember I can’t. I mercilessly teased him when he had a chip in his tooth fixed years ago. I thought the chip gave him character and looked kinda cute. He hated it and got it fixed. The other day I was watching a TV show and a chap that looked a little similar with a chip in their front tooth and I wanted to text him and tell him it reminded me of him.

We were a tank/healer combo in World of Warcraft and the launch of Wrath of the Lich King Classic has me itching to play but it won’t be the same without him.

!Exodus! also brought Sady, my SL sister, into my life. It was an unorthodox start to such a long term friendship. We weren’t the best of friends and we found out later that it was by design. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was stirring the pot to each of us about the other. Sowing the seeds of discontent. It was our realisation of how manipulated we had been by someone that professed to care for us both that brought us together.

The song in the title of my blog post is one of her favourites. I can’t hear this song without thinking of her. It’s a cracking tune and probably my favourite by Otep and it seemed to fit this picture perfectly.


*Head – LeLutka – EVO X  Avalon

*Skin – [Glam Affair] – Alexandra **NEW** at The Fifty

*Lips – [Glam Affair] – Vampire Lips Make Up

*Eyes – {S0NG} :: Anisa Eyes – Ghost **NEW** at Salem by Prism Events

Glasses – TRIGGERED – Steatoda Glasses

*Body Skin – VELOUR

Tattoo – Dappa – Iskra

*Hair – Stealthic – Retreat

Crown – . : Mea Tenebra : . Crown Of Thorns

Top – Dead Doll – Zelda Top **NEW** at The Fifty

Pants – =Zenith= Britta Pants

*Wings – Blueberry – Icon – Angel Wings

Pose – Foxcity – Pierced (edited)

Wearable – +Half-Deer+ Raven

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