What Makes you Want to Blog … and What Doesn’t?

There has been an insightful and interesting debate taking place on Second Life Blogger Support regarding Quality v Quantity of Blogger Posts. If you're a blogger the SLBS website is a wonderful and inspiring resource for the blogging community. This post from Canary Beck (http://slbloggersupport.com/2015/07/14/second-life-blogging-quality-vs-quantity/) provoked an outpouring of comments regarding the subject. As a [...]

Can you believe in Karma AND Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I've always believed that what goes around comes around and during my lifetime have seen many cases that I believed were the universes way of re-dressing the balance. I believe that if you are a good person and lead your life as well as you can, not doing harm to others unless you can absolutely [...]